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A Moment In Time

Episode #19: A Moment In Time – (Song at 7:10)

Hi, Welcome to another Song and a Chat episode. 

Before we shut down with Covid 19, I used to commute on the train. I can’t say I miss the commute, but I did make the most of the time on the train. Sometimes I wrote lyrics. The words to this song were written on the train. 

Of course it wasn’t always as productive on my commutes. I used to ride my bike part the way. I won’t give it away, but often on a commute, weather plays a part in proceedings. And it helps if you actually stay on your bike as you’re pedalling.

What’s this all about, I hear you say. Isn’t this a podcast about a song. Well, it is, 

The song, song # 679, is a reflection on our perception of time. Sometimes a length of time can seem to go by in a blink of an eye. I touch on our disconnection, but as I tend to do, there’s and uplifting optimistic angle where I suggest we might make the world a better place…

I talk about the song writing – there’s some song writing tips here again. 

I actually drum on this song! This is a first – Pete Pascoe playing drums publicly. 

I learned to play the drums a little the same year I recorded this. During assembly, I used to jump on the drums in the music room at the Primary School where I teach piano. I’d put the headphones on and have a lash. ” right, it’s basically what to whack when” … Ha. I know it’s a lot more than that, but it gave me some pleasure and I learned enough to be able to sketch out my ideas musically. Like this demo. 

Sometimes words sit around for a while and then one day they just seem to leap out at you and you put them to music. 

I hope you enjoy this week’s chat – and here’s some more new music for you. 

Looking forward to recording this one properly one day…maybe this demo is the start… Since we record digitally, often a demo can become the actual recording. We’ll see.  Enjoy. 


Episode #18: Cathedral – (Song at 6:08 & 28:50)

Hi, If you’ve been here before, welcome back for another dose! If you’re here for the first time, thanks for having a listen.  What I’m doing is offering you an insight into the song, where it came from, how it came together – plus of course you get to hear a demo of the song. 

I particularly enjoy looking back at the time I when I wrote the song, seeing what springs to mind… It’s amazing how a song is like a bookmark in time, for your memory. 

This week’s song is Song# 357. Cathedral is a song I wrote when I needed to dig deep to get through a tough time. Writing this song was therapeutic, but art is great because it can become something else, something better than a dark piece of therapy. It can become something uplifting, something that might mean one thing to one person and mean something else to another listener. A song can be transformative for both the writer and the listener. 

I think the arts are so important. It’s getting us through these covid weeks – it’s getting our minds off what is a very difficult and tragic time

 If you want 30 minutes in another world, step into the shoes of this songwriter and I’ll take you somewhere else. 

I’ll take you the place where I go, the place I discovered as a kid, the place I take stock, regain my balance and get a fresh perspective. 

2 for 1 again this week: first up, a piano /vocal demo and then a band version of this week’s cathedral to finish.  Enjoy! 

God’s Wish

Episode #17: God’s Wish – (Song at 11:32 & 29:40)

In this episode,  I recount a couple of slices of my life back when I first came to Australia to live – including an exchange during evening in a bar, outdoors in St Kilda, Melbourne. Right then I discovered I was in a big city – a big change for someone who from New Zealand.

I also talk about what I’ve been up to during the week I record the podcast episode. 

This week,  I’ll take you on a walk in a coastal national park, you’ll join the band in a recording session and you’ll get some insight into the lyrics – and song arranging in general. 

Song #435 was inspired by a fellow I met on a tram. Melbourne is renown for its trams. It’s a very relaxing way to travel. I found I could read and write on the tram, much like I can on trains. I expect it’s because you’re on ‘ train tracks’ and I don’t get car sick there…

Woah, I’ve got off subject here. Actually this would serve to give you an idea of how I roll when I record a podcast episode. A theme develops, but I keep it free and go with ideas that pop into my mind – it’s relaxed style of delivery…it’s (hopefully) humorous, entertaining and informative

By the way,  if you’d like to read the lyrics at the point of the episode, you can find them. On this week’s blog post.    www.petepascoe.wordpress…./ 

If I’ve piqued your curiosity, great.  Join me on a 30 minute trip into another world-some past, some present, all of it being the world of a songwriter. Enjoy ‘Gods Wish’.


Episode #16: Balcony – (Song at 4:03)

A demo from my past – Feb 1994, written in Hamilton NZ, you’ll hear some anecdotes from my time there. As I describe these experiences, you’ll get an insight  into places I’ve been and people I’ve met and you’ll also see how they find their way into song lyrics and music.

I also talk about the song in terms of what it means to me today.

If you like the idea of stepping into the shoes of a songwriter for half an hour, you’re in the right place.

These episodes are all an evolving work in progress. I’ve decided I’m going to go back and collect all the song writing tips and examples and publish them in a concise form at some point in the future.

So it’s a case of art inspiring more art. Or speaking or writing or…story telling.

Balcony is song number 322 in my song book I wrote it as I sat on the balcony – it was an early autumn evening, the bright sun was descending behind the neighbours trees and I really felt like I was flying through space in time as the words came to me through the ether ..or where ever they come from.

These podcast episodes are proving to be enlightening to me as I reflect on the songwriting process – I’m collecting tips on songwriting and sharing them in the same moment of discovery.

Tune in and enjoy the chat – personal (almost confessions) and broader observations on life. Grab a cuppa or close your eyes if you’re on a train, do not close your eyes if you are driving. 

Enjoy 30 mins of a slice of life. Well, several slices – a healthy serving again this week.

Somewhat bizarrely, wolves make a (humorous) appearance twice in the episode. I bet you weren’t expecting that! Neither was I…

Thanks for tuning in.