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Secret Lullabies

Episode #78: Secret Lullabies    (Song at 3.36)

Hi there and welcome to another episode. For the next 30 minutes or so, I’ll be guided by my feelings as to what’s interesting to talk about about with this song. 

It’s the way I roll, here on this podcast – it’s a fun way to go about it. I end up in places I never guessed I would’ve, when I hit the record button at the start. 

This  week I’ve chosen to finally unveil the song I use to kick off each episode. The music at the start of each episode is the intro of this week’s song, Secret Lullabies. 

This song  asks some big questions, lyrically. I’m not sure whether it has any answers other than to delivering a soothing ‘lullaby’. 

Old memories are brought to mind by old songs. The cat I had at the time came purring into my mind. It’s funny – I have 2 very mischievous black and white cats in my life now, one of whom is very like the cat I had all those years ago. 

Maybe there’s a sense of things coming to some point of arrival, like some sort of platform of sorts. I’m not sure why I would say that, other than its just a feeling that struck me. The creative flow is a mysterious thing.

Being a songwriter can be like creating a bunch of documents that catch a moment in time. More accurately, they catch feelings from the time. These are the sorts of songs I write. 

It’s such an enjoyable thing to be doing. 

One of the big questions the song asks is: ‘How many friends last the distance?’

A friend who I’ve been lucky to have in my life for a long time is Paul Dredge, my old co-songwriting  mate. Paul featured in last week’s podcast. He popped up again, a bit unexpectedly, when I hit play on the old demo this week. It somehow seemed poetic (wow, auto correct leapt ahead with the word destined, there. Hmm, no doubt).

The realm of dreams often comes up, with songwriting. That seems to be where the creative realm is somehow ‘reachable’ – the subconscious, the collective consciousness… 

Being a songwriter means you’re going to experience a series of constant surprises.Being a creative person and being fully committed on this path is incredibly rewarding. 

As I describe aspects of this wonderfully complicated, simple, mystical art each week, I’m constantly surprised by what comes into my mind and out of my mouth. 

I find recording these podcasts an entertaining and peaceful process. There’s lots of fun to be had here. 

Ok on that note, sit back, relax and let me entertain you…. Here we go again! 

Here’s the links to my music and art. ( blog with lots of links) 

YouTube: Pete Pascoe Art and Music



cover of podcast 77 featuring paul dredge ad pete pascoe on the cover black and white pic

Anticipation and Longing

Episode# 77:  Anticipation and Longing    (Song starts at 7:00) 

Welcome to another episode, packed with humour, chat & music.

This week I interview my old mate, and co songwriter, Mr Paul Dredge. I also videoed proceedings. So you have the option to watch and listen this week, if you’d like to:

Paul and I ended up talking about all sorts…from All Blacks, to bird calls. Sit back and enjoy this easy conversation between 2 songwriters, as we endeavour to shed some light on how this song came together – and the songwriting process, in more general terms.

We wrote Anticipation and Longing some years ago… It’s one of the songs we wrote when we were at the height of our gigging years together. As Paul pointed out, 5 gigs a week for a couple of years is a lot – lots of musos manage one a week…we were busy! 

We were in tune with one another. It’s a brilliant thing to have the amount of mutual understanding and trust you need in order to write a song together. 

It’s like theatre sports…it’s a subtle dance – you can’t block the other person, and yet you feel completely free to ‘pipe up’ where you both feel inclined, to steer the creative project through to its best possible conclusion. It’s all about the song, the feeling. 

When 2 voices are singing together (people who are comfortable with their individual voices) sometimes seems there’s more than just the 2 voices …the sum of the parts add up to something more. 

In this case, on this recording there is another (great) voice : Michelle Pickett on vocals too…and the brilliant Earl Pollard on drums. 

You can check out the song 7 minutes in, and also on the album Righto here:

The sound quality of this episode isn’t as good as usual, due to the nature of the live in interview recording – Paul was talking on a mobile phone. But it was fun and I’m glad we videoed it too, although the video only lasts 10 minutes. After that I’ve added edited photos. It was fun to put together.

This fits the bill, then: a relaxed, inclusive delivery & a song. Good times.  

I hope enjoy the episode. Enjoy!

Also, you might like to check out these links:

Here’s my blog with the lyrics of this week’s song + more music and art: I’ve also written about last week’s featured song, Molly Brown – I’ll have to rewrite one of the lines.

Here’s Paul’s Youtube channel and poetry blog:

Youtube:  Paul Dredge Music       Poetry:

Molly Brown

Episode #76:  Molly Brown    (Song starts at 5:28)

This week’s song is a brand new one, so it’s very fresh in my mind, as to how it came together. 

I wrote the lyrics and recorded the demo recording 2 nights ago. 

Tonight I’ve been a bit busy. I’ve just done online live concert for 90minutes, where I premiered this song.

Then I videoed myself recording piano and vocals in my studio, playing along to some instrumentation which  I’d already created. This song, ‘Lead The Way’ will be on an upcoming yet to be titled solo album.

After all that, I recorded this podcast episode.

I mention these things here because that’s how it is to be a creative person (like a songwriter). When inspiration strikes, you go with it – and I do…. 

So, as I had my iPad set up in the studio, I decided to make video of tonight’s show, for the first time. Here it is ( I got video of 1st  20mins. The last 10 mins is audios and photos)


Back to our song… I had the melody and and chords all finished, a while ago. It’ll work as a piano solo piece. In fact I’ll put it on my next piano album I think, and produce sheet music.

Back when the first melody snippet came, a woman’s name came through: ‘Someone Brown’- definitely two syllables. So I called it ‘Lucy Brown’ (thinking of the Charlie Brown cartoons) as a working title. 

Also, I had a strong feeling I’d be writing lyrics, telling this ‘Ms Brown’s’ story and also felt that it would be a historical story of note. It was that clear, like receiving instructions. So I put the piece aside and waited…

Earlier this week, it came to me: ‘The Titanic’. I thought ‘Really? But it’s been done (so well, too)’. I didn’t dismiss the idea, just considered the possibility.. 

The next morning I flicked on the computer and there was a post with the heading along the lines of: ‘Molly Brown and the Titanic’. Wow. Really? Really…

So that was the clincher. It’s been a great creative week. I love composing and writing lyrics and I love performing – the online concert was a blast.

I think that’s why I love recording a podcast episode each week – it’s like a performing, to a degree, but I feel like I’m in some sort of ‘inclusive’ (rather one-sided) conversation as well, as I speak. 

On this episode, as usual, I play my piano – for fun – and to demonstrate ideas.  There’s humour here, too. This podcast definitely has a relaxed vibe. 

I talk through the lyrics, where they came from. It wasn’t hard to find some information online, to gain an overview of Molly Brown’s life. I just needed some quick facts to create something from, tell a story, so that got me started (I see there’s a biography to read as well, so I will, one day). 

So this was a different sort of song for me. I really enjoyed the creative process of turning ‘dry’ facts into a descriptive story.

If you’d like to find out more about how the song came to be – and hear a demo recording  – sit back, perhaps grab a cuppa, and here we go…

Thanks so much for stopping by and having a read. I hope you enjoy having a listen (or a view and a listen if you’d like to view the Youtube version.

Pete      Blog (with the paintings I mention on this episode + lyrics, more music and art):

Harbour Lights

Episode #75: Harbour Lights   (Song starts at 7.35)

Hi there. If this is your first time here, what can you expect from having a listen?

You’ll find a show packed with music, humour, anecdotes..even the odd bird call. (!) 

I’m here to entertain you by providing a relaxed 30 minutes of conversation. Sure it’s a pretty one sided conversation, but thanks so much for those of you tuning in each week. I feel like I’m in your company…

plus you’ll get to hear some new music – well, it’ll be new to you, but each week I select a song from the 800 or so I’ve composed over the years – and I’m still going (last week’s episode featured the most recent song I’ve written). 

Harbour lights was composed in 2011. It’s a description of tough period in someone’s life (there’s a bit of me in it – it was one of my shakier chapters). But I got through it. As they say, the darkest hour is just before dawn. There’s an uplifting chorus and finish with this song. So, ultimately, it’s got an ‘up’ sort of feeling about it.

On that note, judging by recent feedback, it seems this podcast is lifting spirits, that is fantastic. This is one of the reasons I started this podcast. We could all do with a lift in these uncertain times.

Another reason I’m doing this is to share my song working tips (by the way, I’m not going to tell you how to write a song, but I’m going to share with you how I do it).

I’m loving recording these episodes, it’s a fun, fluid process each week. It’s all ‘off the cuff’ – as I walk in to the studio each time, I have no idea what I going to talk about. I allow the mood, the music, etc to lead the way…..

As usual, I had some fun on this episode… Given the dramatic nature of the song, I just felt the need, as an entertainer, to lighten the mood. 

Ok I hope this one lifts your spirits.  Enjoy ! 

By the way, here’s my blog. This is where you’ll find the lyrics, the painting and photos I mention  – and more:  / the ‘Black Cockatoos’ post.

I Can’t Call You

Episode #74: I Can’t Call You   (Song starts at 12.58)

Hi there. Come along with me for another ‘wander’ and a chat. I’m looking to entertain and relax the listener (you). I’m also looking to shed some light on the mystery of a creative process: Songwriting.

As I write these show notes, ‘I Can’t Call You’ is the most recent song I’ve written. The version on this episode is the live version, taken from my recent live online performance, (you can view some on YouTube Pete Pascoe Art and Music or the whole concert via my Insta (Pete Pascoe Art and Music) or Facebook (Pete Pascoe Songwriter).

Often when I’m writing a song it really feels like it’s a co-write with ‘another’ – somewhere on the ether, ideas float in on the breeze. 

It came to me in this episode that perhaps composing means exactly that….’com'( communicating – so inferring more than one entity is involved – and ‘pose’ …ask a questions. 

So with that information, it seems a like reasonable description of proceedings…asking a series of questions together, as the song unfolds/ takes form.

Nothing is cast in stone with the creative process. Everything is suggested. Sometimes you get a feeling that an element of a song is a instantly a strong element – in which case, you think ok, that’s ‘in’ ….by constantly asking questions and being open to change (which, incidentally, I talk about in his weeks blog post), you are open to the possibility that things can become stronger and stronger as the process goes on. The elements build on what just happened. 

I think that’s why the feeling is so important…it’s the start, it’s the ‘voice’ that talks and leads me on. 

I’m a cartoonist as well. Early on in a cartoon drawing I’ll want to get the feeling, the emotion, across… so I’ll scoot straight to putting the eyes in – finding the personality of the character. 

That’s what drives me as I compose. The feeling. It lifts me.

The beauty is: once a piece of art or a song has been completed it can be presented and performed and others can be affected by the emotion. The listener or the observer perceives the art or song as it pertains to them – almost taking ownership of the art or music.

Ok…Yes, this is a big subject we tackle here on this podcast, but there’s humour here, light hearted banter & anecdotes – including an unfortunate encounter I had with an old lawn mower….

By the way, if you’d like to hear what I’m up to each week, maybe you’d like to view a new painting, hear about a gig, a new video, etc. please do sign up to my email list:

And if you are enjoying this podcast, please do leave a favourable review / share it far and wide. Thank you so much in advance.

You can read the lyrics of this weeks song on my blogpost – and view the painting I mention in this episode at

Ok. Here we go. Join me now….I hope you relax and enjoy a song and a chat

Long Long Road

Episode #73: Long, Long Road      (Song at 5.34)

Talk about a long, long road…it’s currently lockdown here in Melbourne – Again! That’s 6 times! Happy to do my bit, stay home and do what’s right. 

One of the things I’ve enjoyed over the last 15 months has been recording podcast episodes. It’s been my one of my ‘islands of certainty’ each week, in these uncertain times.

I have a few things I’m committed to doing each week, including a music video and painting, a blog etc. But the focus of what you’re tuning into here today is another episode of my podcast.

This week, as usual, I talk about whatever pops into my mind. It’s all free flow. Consequently, it’s a relaxed 30minutes you’re in for. But I pack plenty in – you’ll find out.  

And you’ll get a song – this one is from my piano vocal album ‘The Long Haul’ (which you can find on 

I talk in layman’s terms, when it comes to the theory of what goes on with the songwriting. So no prior knowledge of music theory is needed to enjoy this podcast.

It’s a very nice feeling casting my mind back to how the song came together each week, recalling old memories & relating things that have happened to me during the week. 

The Long, Long Road awaits us all. It’s about the idea of self development, responsibility of the self to take each step along the way, unlock a door…and find…it’s a long, long road ahead. A series of ‘nows’, in effect, with no actual final destination…then we move on again.

Yes, it’s a big subject but the beauty of combining the words with music means the melody and chords can transform deep words into an uplifting experience.

Apparently, the overall effect of of this podcast is: it’s informative, engaging, relaxing and inspiring! How’s that? Thanks so much for the feedback, folks! 

Thanks so much for stopping by and having a read. If you want to find out more about the art I mention in this episode, here’s my blog, where you can find out more… 

Being an active, creative person has really helped me – particularly over this last year. I’m so pleased that the music, art, writing and talking I’ve shared online has helped others. Fantastic. That’s the power of the arts. 

Enjoy the Long Long Road. If you like this one there’s another 70-odd episodes waiting! 


Episode #72: Gratitude   (Song at 4.22)

An interesting one this week. I stumbled across this old demo when I was going through some files on the computer. 

I’ve already presented this one to the band (myself and the Patient Hum) – would’ve been handy to have had this demo around on the evening I sang it through with the guys. 

Or maybe not…sometimes it’s fun to see what other musicians come up with, without them being steered in a certain direction. As it turns out, on the evening I played it to the band, I managed to convey the sensitive mellow sort of vocal take I had in mind… I was singing lightly, playing keys bass left hand and piano right hand. It’s certainly fun and it allows me to give some cues along the way by pushing the bass here and there and ‘easing back’ sometimes. 

This demo fits the bill for this podcast. It’s got ‘something’ about it.- and that something is: feeling.

It’s not the most accurately played demo – that’s me on the drums, having a play through for the first time. The piano is improvised. I threw some quick strings, synth and vocal harmonies tonight, before I recorded the podcast episode. It needs a mix and some fixes, but it was fun.  It’s pretty late now…Oh well, you’ve gotta go wild occasionally when you’re a muso!  

Song number 655, Gratitude came in on the breeze as I sat at the piano, in between teaching students, back in 2017. I’m grateful for much about my life. I’ve chosen the creative path and I’m grateful for the fact that I chose to commit to this path early on in life. 

This song started with a simple riff on the piano, which caught my ear, so I recorded it quickly using my iPad, shooting a video. Then I taught some more lessons.

After a while I had another break. I played back the riff .. Aha ! It’s a great feeling, knowing you’ve squirrelled something away that makes you feel …good. 

Actually I wrote about this idea on my blog post this week. The idea of quickly writing just the skeleton of the creative idea, so it’s there for you to come back to. 

If we don’t take this step, all this energy – and the seeds of an idea –  are lost like dry sand between fingers.

It is such good fun playing the piano and singing. I did enjoy having a hit on the drums – just to get the ‘mood ‘across to another drummer. And that drummer will be, in this case, Dan Dew, the drummer from our band. 

On this episode, I also recount a humorous episode of myself chasing a couple of rock wallabies on a very steep slope here in the Australian outback.., piqued your curiosity? I hope so. 

Also my blog is . This is where you can view the painting I mention in this episode, plus there’s  links to all sorts – including me recent live online concert  -the video is up online too. 

Here’s another 30 minutes of song and a chat. Relax and enjoy the music and conversation….

The Man In Blue


Episode #71 The Man In Blue   (Song at 11.02)

Hi there and welcome to another 30 minutes of relaxed chat – and some music.

If you’re back here for another dose, thank you! If it’s your 1st time here, welcome.  As you listen, I hope you’re feeling like you’re almost ‘in conversation’ with me, as an audience when I’m talking away. 

Recording the episodes about songwriting, life observations, anecdotes, etc is an intimate thing. It’s a rewarding process, looking into songwriting – it’s a gentle and revealing art. I keep my delivery relaxed with humour never far away… it’s gotta be fun.

By its very nature, when you engage in songwriting, you open yourself up. You make yourself vulnerable. So there’s a lot of trust required when it comes to exploring this art… whether you’re doing some co songwriting, or sharing your music. 

Anyway, this is what we are up to here, each week. – and there is a ‘we’ in this equation: ‘me’ and ‘you’…thanks so much for tuning in and listening. I hope you enjoy today’s episode. 

The Man In Blue, like most of my songs, just came out of thin air. Incidentally, this song is the title track of an album of mine. You can find it streaming a lover the place on all the normal streaming platforms (and Thin Air is the opening track…hmm maybe there’s something in that. I used to love trying to read something into the song titles of my favourite albums).

Anyway. The Man In Blue talks about about a time in my life where I was looking back on my life, acknowledging parts of my life were a bit ‘hairy’. Ahh the ups and downs of the artist, I hear you say. 

Yes, but it’s the ups and downs of everyone’s life. That’s the beauty of a song. The mix of the music and the words can grab you emotionally and take you places you maybe didn’t realise you’re ready to go to… 

Again, some marvellous musicals played on this track. I hope you enjoy the song and the story behind The Man In Blue.

I’m starting to get into performing music live, online, by the way. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in being part of, send me an email & I’ll send you the link – in fact, if you’d like to get on my email list, that’d be great. That way you won’t miss a thing. 

I’m very busy online, each week: YouTube videos, new paintings and songs, etc. Here’s my blog  – lots here each week. 

I committed to blogging weekly in the same week I published my first episode here, so there’s 70 consecutive  weeks of paintings, music, cartoons, & writing to look back on. 

Eventually I’m going to be producing e books and video courses which will be of an educational nature…. Painting, cartooning, songwriting, etc.. Coming up.

Now, on with the show. Enjoy….

Help Me

Episode #70: Help Me  (Song starts at 7:24 )

Hi there, from Melbourne. Once again, here I am behind the mic, at the piano, looking at another song from a while ago – or that was what I thought. 

But…I pushed a button without realising it. An 80s synth sound came through loud and clear, when I was expecting a piano sound. I let this take me somewhere and I leapt in and started composing an …80s rock song. So this may well become a song which I’ll finish and release at some point in the future – and you heard it first on this podcast!

Now, back to the song at hand, Help Me, after all these years, is topical this week (I wrote it in 1998! ). It’s lockdown here, again, in Melbourne. Man, it’s been really, really challenging as a musician artist, these last 15 months. 

But the art and music have kept my wheels on – I’ve loved sharing so many songs and creative ideas, anecdotes and observations on this podcast so far. I’ve also been panting seascapes flat out. So with gigs and arts markets being cancelled ( and most my piano teaching ), I’ve been emailing and following up seascape commission enquires, doing all sorts.. 

As well, I’ve been doing my blog (

…..and some music – and this (mainly) what we are here to talk about. 

With everything going on, it is with a sense of relief and excitement when I go into my studio, select and old demo and create a show around the song. 

I really like today’s song. It’s a bluesy number with a strong groove, some excellent lead guitar from Paul Dredge (NZ), my song writing buddy.  

So if you want to escape off into songwriting land with me, come on… Let’s see where it takes us. 

Help me is basically a cry for help. With lyrics like these, it’s tempting (and logical ) to write a ballad, especially when your writing on the piano. I’m pleased with this song: I think it really sounds like it’s been written on guitar, with a band. So today’s song is a bit different from some of my piano / vocal songs …

Ok grab a cuppa, here we go – here’s 30 minutes of creativity, fun and exploration. Enjoy! 

Where The Days All Went

Episode #69: Where The Days All Went   (Song starts at 5.50)

Hi and welcome to another episode. As usual, we are travelling back in time to the day I wrote this one – song #446. If you’re thinking ‘that’s a while ago’! That’s what I’m thinking too. But the strange thing is, it doesn’t feel so long ago, to me…

And now I’m thinking ‘where did all those days go?’ It’s been years since I moved to Melbourne from New Zealand. I miss walking beside the rivers in NZ. 

It was a beautiful calm winters day, the day I recorded this episode here in Melbourne. You can hear ‘my’ magpies in our backyard…you’ll also get to hear a few moments of a New Zealand Tui (bird) call and the sound of one of my favourite rivers, courtesy of my co-songwriting mate, Paul Dredge – who just happens to play guitars and bass on today’s song. He sent me the recording via his phone. cool, eh?

You’ll also get to hear about me racing out to get the bins out to the rubbish truck in time – on a cold winters early morning..ha.

Back in 1998, I remember the inspiration was “what the…where do all those days get to? I’m a little bit older, and I feel like I’m just getting started …”

In many ways, in 2021, I feel exactly the same.. Here I am, 69 episodes in, on a relatively new podcast. I’m about to produce a bunch of e-books and video courses…and this is something that I’ve wanted to do for years. 

I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned along the way – creative processes : How to paint, how to write a song, how to draw cartoons, etc… Really looking forward to getting these products online, ready for people to download. 

I’ve spent all this time learning, developing a style, in a few different arts. I’ve been teaching one on one lessons for years. I want to share the teaching to more people – why wouldn’t you…so, yep, I’m just getting started here. 

Also, I have more albums on the way and there’s lots of sheet music to produce, too. So I’m going to busy for some time yet! 

In the 1990s, I was gigging and writing songs. That was about it – oh, and fishing and playing some cricket. So I wrote plenty of songs – and I’m glad I did.

In these episodes on this podcast, There’s a big emphasis on ‘nature healing us’ in my songs. It’s big part of who I am. I didn’t realise there was so much of that aspect in my songs. I’m glad there is. 

The lyrics are one of 3 sets of lyrics I wrote on my birthday (happening social life back then, obviously…). So the first line is  “with every song I’m older….” So that obviously came from it being my birthday.  And away we go. 

There’s a line in the song ‘ the world begs no difference to how we may remember’ …how nature helps to find our place in the scheme of things…there are so many people and it’s a big world.

It’s a great feeling to write lyrics. It’s also great fun to read back through them, without singing or playing music. It allows me to focus on the deeper meaning in the sentences. 

I’m really enjoying just playing, having fun as I talk and I’m finding this is really taking me places I might not otherwise get to, in terms of understanding some of my ‘trick’s I use as a songwriter..and consequently, Im sharing them in the moment I’m discovering them . Which is really interesting to me. 

Join me this week as I experiment, turning a rock song into a piano vocal version…and I compose some new parts as I …play ..rewriting. It’s always an option as a songwriter. 

There’s a balance between being open to changes and hanging on to that which you believe to be right the way it is already. Ultimately, it’s about what’s right for the Song. (and sometimes more than one arrangement is the right call)

Enjoy a relaxed 30 mins of chat and step in the shoes of a songwriter. Hope you enjoy the music , too. 

You can read the lyrics in this week’s blog post at – plus there’s lots more music and art there too.