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BP Diner

Episode #83: BP Diner    (Song starts at 8:38) 

On this episode I have Mr Paul Dredge (from New Zealand), along with me.

We wrote this song about (surprise) the BP Diner…it was a petrol and food place, which was opposite a resort I worked at with Paul Dredge. To get the full picture (and more stories), have a look at this blog post from a while back:  The Hazy Line /Wairakei Resort. https://thehazyline.wordpress.com/2020/12/22/the-wairakei-resort-gig/

One grey rainy morning we were sitting in the hotel room. It was the night after a gig. We decided to write a song, as it was too wet for golf. Paul started strumming and after a short while we came up with BP Diner together. 

This episode touches on the friendship I have with Paul. Having someone you can really trust is a great – and necessary –  thing, when it comes to co-writing songs.

It’s a subtle dance, nudging a feeling into an idea, as you start to give it form, not getting too far ahead, not getting bogged down as you go along. 

Paul and I didn’t. We were lost in the ‘now’. We really enjoyed bringing the song together that morning.

Join us at Wairakei Resort, as we reminisce on what was a pretty special time.

The recording on this podcast is from the album ‘Lost In Time’ (bandcamp link). It counts as demo, really, by today’s standards…it was one of 12 songs recorded and mixed in 2 days. One take for drums, piano and guitar. Then Over dubs ( one take) lead guitar & bass. Then one for vocals recorded at the same time. Great fun and I’m so pleased with the result.

I made a video which you can view on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pZ6bLf2Vc0 ..It was one of my first efforts, actually. You can see some of the scenes we talk about on this episode. 

For now, sit back and enjoy a relaxed tale of how a song came together and gain some insights into this fascinating process.

You’ll also get to hear anecdotes & memories of the musical past of 2 songwriters.


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