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Summer Sun

Episode #93: Summer Sun        (Song starts at  8:25 )

Welcome to an ‘End Of Year’ / Christmas special.

Summer Sun (song # 576), was inspired by a memory of being the waves at the beach – the joy of being in the water, feeling completely free.

I’ve really enjoyed this year of podcasting. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it really helped me during these Covid times. That’s the power of the art. 

I love how I’m connecting with so many people. I’ve always wanted to bring good stuff into the world and share it, this podcast is really doing it for me. I hope you’re enjoying tuning in each week. 

I have so much recorded music to share – and lots more composed to share in the future.

Composing ‘Summer Sun’ was a pleasure. It happens quickly for me. Have a listen and see how it came together.  You can hear the band demo of it too. 

I really think access to the creative domain is for everyone. I would hasten to add: Practice is a fine and necessary thing in order so to find that more easily. 

Being at the beach inspires my creativity. On this podcast there’s a recording of me talking at the beach. I actually mention the song title as I speak. That was the moment that I thought. Hey, why don’t I feature this song this week? So I did. 

I also include a short recording of me talking, sitting in the backyard this morning with a few magpies. Listening back, I speak with a very low morning voice. I’m definitely a night owl, which is when I record these episodes. 

Being relaxed is a big part of songwriting. I would say it’s absolutely necessary, in fact, so you can ‘be in the moment’ / be in the zone & open up to whatever is waiting. 

The more you do something, the easier it seems to get, right? It’s like building up muscles – use them or lose them…as they say. 

If it’s your first visit here, come on, join me now for an entertaining yarn – and some music. It’s all very relaxed and inclusive here. 

As usual, there’s more songwriting tips here ( although I’d never presume to say this is ‘how you should’ do it – I’m just sharing my processes. By having fun and following my nose. Like a dog on the beach, I’m lost in the joy of the moment). 

It’s so good to be recording these podcast episodes.

Thanks again for tuning in. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope you enjoy the song. I’ll be recording the finished version of this with the Patient Hum in the not too distant future. 


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