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Full Moon

Episode #94: Full Moon     (Song starts at 6:18)

Here we are again, having a chat & allowing the conversation – the content – to be guided by the song of the week, which in this case is Full Moon, song #353. I wrote the song back in 1995. 

How does it feel to be a songwriter? It’s a joy. Have a listen again and find out more. I do my best to put the listener into the shoes of a songwriter. 

I look at the lyrics. There’s one line ‘justice now sits beneath the microscope’. The strange thing is: I wrote this quite distinctive line and then it appeared prominently on the front of the local paper at a later date. 

I love that about songwriting, the arts, in general. The synchronicity, the feeling that you are on some sort of gentle assertive path looking to grow and reach some new peaceful outcomes song the way. 

On this episode, there’s a few recordings of nature that surrounds us. You observe a lot when you are on a  creative path. 

Having said that, I can’t recall the colour of the horse across the road which unfortunately passed away this week. I remembered, however that I’d written some words for him a while back so I’ve put that in my blog post this week. I mention it on the podcast episode here’s the link: www.petepascoe.wordpress.com . The post is ‘old horse, grey’. 

I wrote Full Moon on the piano. One day I would like to record this accompanied by acoustic guitar driven band ( with some piano weaving in and out). 

I really enjoy examining the lyrics and music each week. It’s all presented in a relaxed ‘fireside chat’ sort of style. It’s inclusive, fun and there’s lots of ideas on songwriting which seem to keep coming to the surface as I continue on my way, producing these episodes. 

I hope you enjoy this week’s episode. If you do, and would like to subscribe to my podcast I’d love that. Also, I’m a painter you can see my work on line, the blogs not a bad place to start . Or my website : www.petepascoe.com.   Or YouTube Pete Pascoe Art and Music. I also mention my sheet music here’s the link: Sheet Music plus Pete Pascoe 

I’m loving it all, as I publish  my work each week online. I really enjoyed recording this Full Moon episode. I hope you enjoy it  too – & I hope you pick up something about the process of songwriting too. 

Full Moon did appear in an album ‘Cant See The Words For The Trees’ of which I did small run of CDs. These CDs were accompanied by a book of poetry ( the lyrics ) which included a painting inspired by each song. I plan to re-record this album and make it available digitally with an ebook of the lyrics and art