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I Can’t Call You

Episode #74: I Can’t Call You   (Song starts at 12.58)

Hi there. Come along with me for another ‘wander’ and a chat. I’m looking to entertain and relax the listener (you). I’m also looking to shed some light on the mystery of a creative process: Songwriting.

As I write these show notes, ‘I Can’t Call You’ is the most recent song I’ve written. The version on this episode is the live version, taken from my recent live online performance, (you can view some on YouTube Pete Pascoe Art and Music or the whole concert via my Insta (Pete Pascoe Art and Music) or Facebook (Pete Pascoe Songwriter).

Often when I’m writing a song it really feels like it’s a co-write with ‘another’ – somewhere on the ether, ideas float in on the breeze. 

It came to me in this episode that perhaps composing means exactly that….’com'( communicating – so inferring more than one entity is involved – and ‘pose’ …ask a questions. 

So with that information, it seems a like reasonable description of proceedings…asking a series of questions together, as the song unfolds/ takes form.

Nothing is cast in stone with the creative process. Everything is suggested. Sometimes you get a feeling that an element of a song is a instantly a strong element – in which case, you think ok, that’s ‘in’ ….by constantly asking questions and being open to change (which, incidentally, I talk about in his weeks blog post), you are open to the possibility that things can become stronger and stronger as the process goes on. The elements build on what just happened. 

I think that’s why the feeling is so important…it’s the start, it’s the ‘voice’ that talks and leads me on. 

I’m a cartoonist as well. Early on in a cartoon drawing I’ll want to get the feeling, the emotion, across… so I’ll scoot straight to putting the eyes in – finding the personality of the character. 

That’s what drives me as I compose. The feeling. It lifts me.

The beauty is: once a piece of art or a song has been completed it can be presented and performed and others can be affected by the emotion. The listener or the observer perceives the art or song as it pertains to them – almost taking ownership of the art or music.

Ok…Yes, this is a big subject we tackle here on this podcast, but there’s humour here, light hearted banter & anecdotes – including an unfortunate encounter I had with an old lawn mower….

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You can read the lyrics of this weeks song on my blogpost – and view the painting I mention in this episode at www.petepascoe.wordpress.com

Ok. Here we go. Join me now….I hope you relax and enjoy a song and a chat