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The Best Story

Episode #86: The Best Story      (Song starts at 4:38)

Hi there. Join me this week, as I go back in time again, to a wooden table and chairs at the local park. This is where I wrote the lyrics for this week’s featured song. 

I break a few songwriting rules with this song. Originally, there was no structure to the sentences – not one rhyme either. It could’ve remained a poem (I include a reading of the lyrics as a poem on this episode), but something enticed me – against all odds, really – to turn these words into lyrics and marry them to a melody.

As is most often the case, I’m glad I did. 

Every now and then, you’ll notice, as we look at the lyrics, that I look up and take in my surroundings. Being out in nature is good for the soul. I enjoy writing outdoors occasionally. 

On this episode, I talk about ‘writing on the breath’ – it’s something I think I do naturally, to tell the truth. It’s just one facet of this whole songwriting process that I’d never considered, before I started recording these podcast episodes. 

I’m so pleased I did. This podcast has become more than just a collection of songwriting ideas and tips. I always knew it would. But it’s surprised me, the amount of information, and sense of excitement that awaits me each week.

This week is no exception. Come and see where the ‘afternoon clouds, drifting like a watercolour’ take us. 

A few dogs and birds (from the park) get a mention – and the gum trees – they’re so beautiful here in Melbourne, Australia where I reside. It was good to be out and about – and I’m glad I wrote some lyrics when I was at the park, in Sandringham, about 7 years ago.

The Mornington Peninsula is where I continue to write my story, these days. This podcast is becoming part of it. So, in a sense, you’re part of my story too, because that’s the nature of storytelling: you (hopefully) engage the listeners emotions, something rings true. So you listen closer to see what going to be said next.

Each week we (all) have to wait to find out where the story is going to take us, as each episode is completely unscripted. I have fun using this process of exploration, following the feelings and images that come to mind as I l talk about  the featured song of the week.

Ok, I hope now you’re ready to dive in and have listen to this episode. If it’s your first time here, a very warm welcome to you – and you are welcome here. This is not some exclusive group. I firmly believe the arts should be an inclusive domain. 

So I talk in a relaxed manner, not dwelling overly on the theory, the ‘nuts and bolts’. I do get these concepts across, but I manage to convey the information in a manner that does not alienate a listener that is not into music theory. These ‘technical’ moments come and go. A healthy dose of humour helps.

These episodes are more a celebration of songwriting, of life (I guess my version of life), really. It’s part of my story. It’s the artist’s way: to observe, reflect, then create and share. 

Ok, join me now. Here we go….”Rollin’…welcome to another episode of Song and A Chat …”    Enjoy!