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Life Is

Episode #88:   Life Is   (Song starts at 4:27)

Welcome to another episode. It’s great that this podcast is being listened to and enjoyed by listeners around the world. I’m very grateful to you all for tuning in each week. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. 

I guess that’s the power of music, the intrigue… The interest in ‘where the heck does a song come from? 

This week again, we set out to come up with some more ideas about that.  

It’s certainly a journey of rediscovery for me as I look back on these songs. Interestingly, I seldom forget a melody, or the feel of a song that I’ve written ( and there are 800 + ). 

The subject of this week’s song, ‘Life is’, certainly could have been a slow ballad. I opted for a medium tempo piano version of a guitar ‘finger picking’ style of delivery. I’m pleased I did.

Part of keeping the creative flow happening is having a laugh. As the years go by, I’m surer than ever that’s true. Songwriter can tend to be introspective serious loners, at times.. 

Me, I like to think I’m gregarious. I love having a good laugh. Obviously, it lifts your spirits – and so can music and words. 

I hope you enjoy this episode. I did. It’s so much fun, just ‘winging it’. There’s no script. I like to let the music and words, memories and observations that pop up ‘in the moment’ lead the way: 

I describe how it feels to walk up a river fishing, imagining what it’s like down in the depths.. 

I also recount some happy memories I have, as a youngster, spending some time with my grandparents. This is because I see in my songbook I’ve dedicated this song to my grandparents.

The song finishes with the lines:

‘Life is short, life is long, play your life like a happy song’ – and I am. Welcome to another slice of the life of a songwriter,  as I share my thoughts with you.. 

Here we go.. Enjoy!