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Long Long Road

Episode #73: Long, Long Road      (Song at 5.34)

Talk about a long, long road…it’s currently lockdown here in Melbourne – Again! That’s 6 times! Happy to do my bit, stay home and do what’s right. 

One of the things I’ve enjoyed over the last 15 months has been recording podcast episodes. It’s been my one of my ‘islands of certainty’ each week, in these uncertain times.

I have a few things I’m committed to doing each week, including a music video and painting, a blog etc. But the focus of what you’re tuning into here today is another episode of my podcast.

This week, as usual, I talk about whatever pops into my mind. It’s all free flow. Consequently, it’s a relaxed 30minutes you’re in for. But I pack plenty in – you’ll find out.  

And you’ll get a song – this one is from my piano vocal album ‘The Long Haul’ (which you can find on www.petepascoe.wordpress.com). 

I talk in layman’s terms, when it comes to the theory of what goes on with the songwriting. So no prior knowledge of music theory is needed to enjoy this podcast.

It’s a very nice feeling casting my mind back to how the song came together each week, recalling old memories & relating things that have happened to me during the week. 

The Long, Long Road awaits us all. It’s about the idea of self development, responsibility of the self to take each step along the way, unlock a door…and find…it’s a long, long road ahead. A series of ‘nows’, in effect, with no actual final destination…then we move on again.

Yes, it’s a big subject but the beauty of combining the words with music means the melody and chords can transform deep words into an uplifting experience.

Apparently, the overall effect of of this podcast is: it’s informative, engaging, relaxing and inspiring! How’s that? Thanks so much for the feedback, folks! 

Thanks so much for stopping by and having a read. If you want to find out more about the art I mention in this episode, here’s my blog, where you can find out more…www.petepascoe.wordpress.com 

Being an active, creative person has really helped me – particularly over this last year. I’m so pleased that the music, art, writing and talking I’ve shared online has helped others. Fantastic. That’s the power of the arts. 

Enjoy the Long Long Road. If you like this one there’s another 70-odd episodes waiting!