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I’ll Tell You What

Episode #96:   I’ll Tell You What     (Song starts at 3:38 )

Sometimes you can really tell nature is talking to you. Birds tell you off for being too close to their nest. I think perhaps nature is talking to us constantly on a more subtle level.
That’s the crux of today’s song. Here’s what inspired it: My concern for how out of touch we are with nature. It’s a wake up call sort of song. Almost in the mode of a protest song from the 60s, I suppose.
On this episode, you’ll hear a couple of bird calls, and these weave their way into the conversation. I also improvise a piece and look at that, see what was in my mind as I played the piano.

This podcast is several things. I aim for it to be : light entertainment; informative, there’s songwriting tips; I looking at the lyrics, see where each line came from, the underlying meanings and then I explore the music , see how that came to be.
You can read the lyrics on my blog each week. Also you can see the artwork I create for each episode here (along with seascapes, cartoons, more music, etc) .
I’ll tell you what appeared on my piano vocal album The Long Haul.
In this episode, I do question the digital age we live in, the Internet. What sort of effect it’s having on us.
There is much that is extremely helpful about it. Paul Dredge and I have a new album nearly completed. 2nd mix is done. All composed and recorded by bouncing wavs of music back and forth on the Internet.
I do so much on the computer. I’m mastering this episode Windows computer as I type this on my iPad. I’ll do the artwork on the Mac. And get it all online from there.
I use the computers all the time with my music and art.
My concern is about the negative aspects of the online business is voiced in the song too.

So there’s a lot in each episode. It’s all off the cuff, as if I’m performing at a songwriter speaks sort of gig. You are my intimate audience. I’m loving recording these episodes each week, recalling old memories, relating current events and discovering more each week about this marvellous art of songwriting.
I hope you enjoy this week’s episode. If you do, there’s 90 odd more waiting for you. If you like my music check out www.petepascoe.bandcamp.com for all my album titles, a selection of which can be stream do all the usual platforms.
Ok, on with the show.

Plain Sailing

Episode #95:  Plain Sailing     (Song starts at 5:58)

Hi there,
If it’s your first time here, thanks for having a look at my podcast. What will you gain by listening to an episode?
My goal is to put you in the shoes of a songwriter.
Why would I do that? Well, for a lot of people it seems it’s only for the chosen few. At the risk of sounding like I’m attempting to demystify and simplify (which I’m not) what happens to be an extremely subtle art, what I’m doing here is showing some of the ‘ tricks’ I use to compose a song.
It turns out a music composition is an incredibly complicated thing. I can say that now because over the course of 90-odd episodes, I’m constantly surprised as I discover new aspects to an art I thought to be so simple. It’s something that comes naturally to me. It’s extremely satisfying.
Am I any good? Fair enough question. Check out today’s song plain sailing and see what you think
If you like it and want more go here: www.petepascoe.bandcamp.com Or there’s selection of music on Spotify, etc, including piano/ solo; Folk rock with Paul Dredge & Rock with the Patient Hum.

Today’s song, Plain Sailing (song #615) was going to be heartfelt song, so I picked a 3 4 meter ( boom Chuck chuck, boom chuck chuck ) and went for a vulnerable sounding higher register and the melody just came in on the ether. How does that feel? It felt great!
On this episode you’ll hear a bit of my day, what I’ve been up to – a bit of yarn, essentially.
This is a lo-fi relaxed entertaining podcast. I hope you enjoy hearing me rediscover Plain Sailing.
It’s from the album The Long Haul ( piano vocal).

Full Moon

Episode #94: Full Moon     (Song starts at 6:18)

Here we are again, having a chat & allowing the conversation – the content – to be guided by the song of the week, which in this case is Full Moon, song #353. I wrote the song back in 1995. 

How does it feel to be a songwriter? It’s a joy. Have a listen again and find out more. I do my best to put the listener into the shoes of a songwriter. 

I look at the lyrics. There’s one line ‘justice now sits beneath the microscope’. The strange thing is: I wrote this quite distinctive line and then it appeared prominently on the front of the local paper at a later date. 

I love that about songwriting, the arts, in general. The synchronicity, the feeling that you are on some sort of gentle assertive path looking to grow and reach some new peaceful outcomes song the way. 

On this episode, there’s a few recordings of nature that surrounds us. You observe a lot when you are on a  creative path. 

Having said that, I can’t recall the colour of the horse across the road which unfortunately passed away this week. I remembered, however that I’d written some words for him a while back so I’ve put that in my blog post this week. I mention it on the podcast episode here’s the link: www.petepascoe.wordpress.com . The post is ‘old horse, grey’. 

I wrote Full Moon on the piano. One day I would like to record this accompanied by acoustic guitar driven band ( with some piano weaving in and out). 

I really enjoy examining the lyrics and music each week. It’s all presented in a relaxed ‘fireside chat’ sort of style. It’s inclusive, fun and there’s lots of ideas on songwriting which seem to keep coming to the surface as I continue on my way, producing these episodes. 

I hope you enjoy this week’s episode. If you do, and would like to subscribe to my podcast I’d love that. Also, I’m a painter you can see my work on line, the blogs not a bad place to start . Or my website : www.petepascoe.com.   Or YouTube Pete Pascoe Art and Music. I also mention my sheet music here’s the link: Sheet Music plus Pete Pascoe 

I’m loving it all, as I publish  my work each week online. I really enjoyed recording this Full Moon episode. I hope you enjoy it  too – & I hope you pick up something about the process of songwriting too. 

Full Moon did appear in an album ‘Cant See The Words For The Trees’ of which I did small run of CDs. These CDs were accompanied by a book of poetry ( the lyrics ) which included a painting inspired by each song. I plan to re-record this album and make it available digitally with an ebook of the lyrics and art

Summer Sun

Episode #93: Summer Sun        (Song starts at  8:25 )

Welcome to an ‘End Of Year’ / Christmas special.

Summer Sun (song # 576), was inspired by a memory of being the waves at the beach – the joy of being in the water, feeling completely free.

I’ve really enjoyed this year of podcasting. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it really helped me during these Covid times. That’s the power of the art. 

I love how I’m connecting with so many people. I’ve always wanted to bring good stuff into the world and share it, this podcast is really doing it for me. I hope you’re enjoying tuning in each week. 

I have so much recorded music to share – and lots more composed to share in the future.

Composing ‘Summer Sun’ was a pleasure. It happens quickly for me. Have a listen and see how it came together.  You can hear the band demo of it too. 

I really think access to the creative domain is for everyone. I would hasten to add: Practice is a fine and necessary thing in order so to find that more easily. 

Being at the beach inspires my creativity. On this podcast there’s a recording of me talking at the beach. I actually mention the song title as I speak. That was the moment that I thought. Hey, why don’t I feature this song this week? So I did. 

I also include a short recording of me talking, sitting in the backyard this morning with a few magpies. Listening back, I speak with a very low morning voice. I’m definitely a night owl, which is when I record these episodes. 

Being relaxed is a big part of songwriting. I would say it’s absolutely necessary, in fact, so you can ‘be in the moment’ / be in the zone & open up to whatever is waiting. 

The more you do something, the easier it seems to get, right? It’s like building up muscles – use them or lose them…as they say. 

If it’s your first visit here, come on, join me now for an entertaining yarn – and some music. It’s all very relaxed and inclusive here. 

As usual, there’s more songwriting tips here ( although I’d never presume to say this is ‘how you should’ do it – I’m just sharing my processes. By having fun and following my nose. Like a dog on the beach, I’m lost in the joy of the moment). 

It’s so good to be recording these podcast episodes.

Thanks again for tuning in. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope you enjoy the song. I’ll be recording the finished version of this with the Patient Hum in the not too distant future. 


Www.petepascoe.wordpress.com. Blog. 

Pete Pascoe and the Patient Hum. Band    (link to bandcamp – the roughest cut)

Pete Pascoe and Paul Dredge. Folk rock  (link to bandcamp walking through a dream). 

Foggy Morning

Episode #92: Foggy morning (Song starts at 4:47)

Hi there, This week’s episode features my song ‘Foggy Morning (Not A Bird Call)’. This is song #680.

I love composing songs. I like talking about the process and enjoy letting each episode wander just where it will, allowing the song to lead the way. It’s keeps things interesting and natural.

Talking as much about anecdotes, ideas related to the song as I talk about the song writing makes this podcast relaxing and fun – a bit of a ‘chat over a cup of tea’ in a way. 

This podcast is definitely a platform to present in a playful relaxed manner all kind of concepts and observations. 

Songwriters like me observe a lot of details. And yes I can be the classic ‘absent minded professor’. I actually got a bit lost, walking down some different streets where I live, today. I was busy having a chat on the phone with the headphones on when I suddenly realised I had no idea where I was. 

I don’t mind that. I found my way to some tall trees and found my way home.

That’s a bit like how some of these episodes go, really. Something springs to mind, which leads on to something else and away we go. It’s a very satisfying process. 

The lyrics of foggy morning came about when I picked up my pen waiting for a bus and described the scene around me.

Come and join me… maybe it’s a bit like a Forrest Gump scene where I’m sitting waiting. Have a look at what I’m writing…. and  perhaps then it’s like time’s been ‘fast forwarded’ and ..here’s how the song turned out – at least up to the demo stage. This song will transform with guitars, someone else playing the drums (I played the drums on this demo – and the keys bass, singing, strings, piano…everything). 

It’s great fun arranging music and I’m finding it’s a blast to touch on all of these processes, on this podcast. 

Ok here we go.. Foggy morning. See what you think. Let me entertain you. 


Pictures Falling

Episode #91: Pictures Falling

This has been so much fun, recording these episodes. Long may it continue. 

This is a pretty peaceful episode…before recording this, I was recording keyboards and mixing 3 songs. Paul Dredge (NZ co-songwriter) and I have another album well on the way. We are bouncing parts back and forth online.

This week’s song appeared on the album ‘Walking Through A Dream’. It’s streaming now, a very relaxed listen. If you like guitar, piano, vocal harmony…. Check it out.

‘Pictures Falling’ is about dreams. This week’s blog post is about transformation. Thinking back, when you wake up in the morning, snippets of dreams can sort of come through. Maybe there’s messages, something to glean from our dreams. Something transformative, perhaps. I think so. 

I’ve dreamed of new paintings, complete song all sorts of creative ideas have come through I dreams over the years.

The songwriting state of mind is so much like dreaming. 

Last night an older gentleman asked me ” at which point do you become an artist, a songwriter, a writer?”  My instinctive ‘shoot from the hip’ response was: ” the moment you pick up a pen, a brush.” It’s what I say to my piano students. I believe it. 

However this very nice chap wasn’t so sure. I thought a bit more and came up with this…perhaps you become a true songwriter when you can: recall all the theory instinctively;  and with your hands the technique happens instinctively; you need to be open to listening for something outside of ourselves & something within, perhaps; and we also need to be our own secretary, too.

It’s an art, going between the creative thinking and the analytical sort of thinking required to be your own secretary. You go back and forth and I’m sure it must be really good for us to think like this. 

It’s a great feeling, writing songs. I feel completely energised after writing a song, 

I feel the same after I’ve recorded a podcast episode. I really think it transforms my mood. I guess I’m ‘entertaining’, which I love. I love performing and also I’m analysing something I love – & I’m playing the piano. 

All of which is great, but the best thing about this podcast is that I’m make contact with people, sharing the love, the passion. 

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it, 


Lost and Won

Episode #90: Lost and Won (Song starts at 3:12)

I composed the song Lost and Won in 2013. You can find it on the piano/vocal album ‘Don’t Miss The Bus’, on my bandcamp website: www.petepascoe.bandcamp.com

I like to get to the beach as often as I can. The sounds of nature wash over me when I’m there. It helps to get me into a peaceful state so I’m able to tune into ‘something’ & get creative. 

You’ll hear that process on this episode. I share some of the sounds that came into my day yesterday. I go from pre-recorded sounds of the city to the sound of birds and the beach. It amazes me how much noise is going on around us.

It was a bit of fun to record the sounds and weave them into this episode. I think we should really be aware of the noises that surround us, particularly in the city. It does affects us.

A way for me to counter city noise is to compose & play music. I become (nearly) oblivious to the noises around me.

As a songwriter, instinct plays a huge role. When I analyse why I’ve chosen one note over another, it can complicated pretty quickly. 

That’s why, on this podcast, l like to ‘play’ with words and ideas and share what comes to mind in the moment. As I talk, I also let my fingers just wander on the keys of the piano. It’s certainly fun.

This time again, I talk myself into a creative state of mind and start composing yet another song. It’s a great feeling. 

If you’re curious to see how this all plays out, sit back, tune in and have a listen. I hope you’ll find it interesting, entertaining, and relaxing. 

I always feel great at the end of each 30 minute episode. I’m performing, in a way – I’m comfortable in my ‘songwriting and performing shoes’. 

It’s great to have this way of sharing some of my ideas and processes here in this manner.

 I hope you enjoy this episode. 


Queen St

Episode #89 Queen St    (Song starts at 6;58)

This is the podcast where you get to hear how it feels to be a songwriter. 

How do I do this? What I do I talk about? 

The answers seem to come as I follow my nose, as I record what comes into my mind in the moment. 

As a songwriter, you instinctively know when to jot notes down, when a phrase catches your ear in a certain way. It might be something that someone says in passing, or a sentence or two that just pop into your mind..

For that to happen, I find I need to make room for those sort of moments. To make room, in my head, to clear the slate a bit, I like getting out into nature. 

On this week’s episode, I take you with me down at the beach to catch that bit of fresh air.

The song Queen St came about after I jotted down the sights I could recall from earlier in the day: at lunchtime on a Friday, Paul Dredge and I set up to busk rather hopefully – outside a bank. In Queens St, the main Street of Auckland’s CBD, in New Zealand,

Later on, as soon as I sang and played the first line, that’s when I knew I had a song. All you really need to do is make a start.  Songwriting is so much like painting (which I do as well – you can check out a painting I did today of Sorrento, via, Australia, here: www.petepascoe.wordpress.com).

The start gives you the feeling. That’s number one. It gives you energy and a reason to write the next line, which leads on to the next …and … pretty soon you’ve got a whole page of lyrics to work with.

This song was one of those ‘words first, music second’ songs. I always used to write songs like that. These days I mainly find myself writing the music & words at the same time, which is fun. 

As I recorded this episode, I was trying to recall what age I was when I wrote the song, I said 19 or 20, but it was more like 27. 

Paul Dredge and I were on the road. It was a free, fun time in our lives. I think that sense of freedom comes through in this song.

Ok, join me now for a half hour chat, with some music and some new music for you to listen to. There’s some very nice vocal harmonies on this recording. 

Here we go…

Life Is

Episode #88:   Life Is   (Song starts at 4:27)

Welcome to another episode. It’s great that this podcast is being listened to and enjoyed by listeners around the world. I’m very grateful to you all for tuning in each week. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. 

I guess that’s the power of music, the intrigue… The interest in ‘where the heck does a song come from? 

This week again, we set out to come up with some more ideas about that.  

It’s certainly a journey of rediscovery for me as I look back on these songs. Interestingly, I seldom forget a melody, or the feel of a song that I’ve written ( and there are 800 + ). 

The subject of this week’s song, ‘Life is’, certainly could have been a slow ballad. I opted for a medium tempo piano version of a guitar ‘finger picking’ style of delivery. I’m pleased I did.

Part of keeping the creative flow happening is having a laugh. As the years go by, I’m surer than ever that’s true. Songwriter can tend to be introspective serious loners, at times.. 

Me, I like to think I’m gregarious. I love having a good laugh. Obviously, it lifts your spirits – and so can music and words. 

I hope you enjoy this episode. I did. It’s so much fun, just ‘winging it’. There’s no script. I like to let the music and words, memories and observations that pop up ‘in the moment’ lead the way: 

I describe how it feels to walk up a river fishing, imagining what it’s like down in the depths.. 

I also recount some happy memories I have, as a youngster, spending some time with my grandparents. This is because I see in my songbook I’ve dedicated this song to my grandparents.

The song finishes with the lines:

‘Life is short, life is long, play your life like a happy song’ – and I am. Welcome to another slice of the life of a songwriter,  as I share my thoughts with you.. 

Here we go.. Enjoy!

The Drum

Episode #87: The Drum  (Song starts 5.14)

Where did this song come from? The first line is: ‘The rocking train challenges my pen to stay upon the page’. 

Yep, I was on the train when I wrote these lyrics.  It feels great to be a songwriter, to close my eyes and just write whatever pops into my mind. I don’t question it, I’ll just write something, knowing (and it definitely is a ‘knowing) that something will ‘answer’ me.

It’s exactly like this. It feels like a sense of ‘give and take’, as you float ideas freely.  A sense of play and some positive energy goes a long way. ..

Before we get to the train, I take you for the walk I follow when I catch the bus and train to get to a piano teaching job I have – when it’s happening. 

We’re opening up again here in Melbourne, after 86 weeks of extended lockdowns. Starting again from next week, I’ll be back on the train twice a week – and most likely, I’ll be sitting there with a pen and paper. I’ll be miles away, somewhere in my mind. 

Being a songwriter is a fine thing, for a number of reasons. One great thing is: all I need is a pen and paper and I’m away. You don’t need much gear. It’s such a pleasure. 

I had a band practice before I recorded this episode. Performing music is also a great thing. So is recording music, both of which I enjoy doing.

On that note, If you’d like to hear more of some of the music I’ve recorded, I have albums streaming on most platforms –  solo and with others. ( www.petepascoe.bandcamp.com has 13 albums).

As a songwriter, it’s like you’re always just a breath away from a new idea – and one new idea is all it takes to get a new song really underway. The song seems to take on its own energy, and you just kind of try to get out of the road of your pen. Or you let your fingers just wander on the keys of the piano. It really is the best feeling. 

Ok, join me today, as we look at ‘The Drum’. This song explores the idea of us all be interconnected – a timely theme, as we reconnect after the Covid lockdowns.

If you’re new here, welcome. I hope you enjoy today’s episode. If you do – and want to hear more – there’s another 86 Episodes waiting for you. And there’ll be another episode next week. 

Here we go… The Drum…..Rollin’ !