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The Man In Blue


Episode #71 The Man In Blue   (Song at 11.02)

Hi there and welcome to another 30 minutes of relaxed chat – and some music.

If you’re back here for another dose, thank you! If it’s your 1st time here, welcome.  As you listen, I hope you’re feeling like you’re almost ‘in conversation’ with me, as an audience when I’m talking away. 

Recording the episodes about songwriting, life observations, anecdotes, etc is an intimate thing. It’s a rewarding process, looking into songwriting – it’s a gentle and revealing art. I keep my delivery relaxed with humour never far away… it’s gotta be fun.

By its very nature, when you engage in songwriting, you open yourself up. You make yourself vulnerable. So there’s a lot of trust required when it comes to exploring this art… whether you’re doing some co songwriting, or sharing your music. 

Anyway, this is what we are up to here, each week. – and there is a ‘we’ in this equation: ‘me’ and ‘you’…thanks so much for tuning in and listening. I hope you enjoy today’s episode. 

The Man In Blue, like most of my songs, just came out of thin air. Incidentally, this song is the title track of an album of mine. You can find it streaming a lover the place on all the normal streaming platforms (and Thin Air is the opening track…hmm maybe there’s something in that. I used to love trying to read something into the song titles of my favourite albums).

Anyway. The Man In Blue talks about about a time in my life where I was looking back on my life, acknowledging parts of my life were a bit ‘hairy’. Ahh the ups and downs of the artist, I hear you say. 

Yes, but it’s the ups and downs of everyone’s life. That’s the beauty of a song. The mix of the music and the words can grab you emotionally and take you places you maybe didn’t realise you’re ready to go to… 

Again, some marvellous musicals played on this track. I hope you enjoy the song and the story behind The Man In Blue.

I’m starting to get into performing music live, online, by the way. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in being part of, send me an email & I’ll send you the link – in fact, if you’d like to get on my email list, that’d be great. That way you won’t miss a thing. 

I’m very busy online, each week: YouTube videos, new paintings and songs, etc. Here’s my blog www.petepascoe.wordpress.com  – lots here each week. 

I committed to blogging weekly in the same week I published my first episode here, so there’s 70 consecutive  weeks of paintings, music, cartoons, & writing to look back on. 

Eventually I’m going to be producing e books and video courses which will be of an educational nature…. Painting, cartooning, songwriting, etc.. Coming up.

Now, on with the show. Enjoy….