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Where The Days All Went

Episode #69: Where The Days All Went   (Song starts at 5.50)

Hi and welcome to another episode. As usual, we are travelling back in time to the day I wrote this one – song #446. If you’re thinking ‘that’s a while ago’! That’s what I’m thinking too. But the strange thing is, it doesn’t feel so long ago, to me…

And now I’m thinking ‘where did all those days go?’ It’s been years since I moved to Melbourne from New Zealand. I miss walking beside the rivers in NZ. 

It was a beautiful calm winters day, the day I recorded this episode here in Melbourne. You can hear ‘my’ magpies in our backyard…you’ll also get to hear a few moments of a New Zealand Tui (bird) call and the sound of one of my favourite rivers, courtesy of my co-songwriting mate, Paul Dredge – who just happens to play guitars and bass on today’s song. He sent me the recording via his phone. cool, eh?

You’ll also get to hear about me racing out to get the bins out to the rubbish truck in time – on a cold winters early morning..ha.

Back in 1998, I remember the inspiration was “what the…where do all those days get to? I’m a little bit older, and I feel like I’m just getting started …”

In many ways, in 2021, I feel exactly the same.. Here I am, 69 episodes in, on a relatively new podcast. I’m about to produce a bunch of e-books and video courses…and this is something that I’ve wanted to do for years. 

I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned along the way – creative processes : How to paint, how to write a song, how to draw cartoons, etc… Really looking forward to getting these products online, ready for people to download. 

I’ve spent all this time learning, developing a style, in a few different arts. I’ve been teaching one on one lessons for years. I want to share the teaching to more people – why wouldn’t you…so, yep, I’m just getting started here. 

Also, I have more albums on the way and there’s lots of sheet music to produce, too. So I’m going to busy for some time yet! 

In the 1990s, I was gigging and writing songs. That was about it – oh, and fishing and playing some cricket. So I wrote plenty of songs – and I’m glad I did.

In these episodes on this podcast, There’s a big emphasis on ‘nature healing us’ in my songs. It’s big part of who I am. I didn’t realise there was so much of that aspect in my songs. I’m glad there is. 

The lyrics are one of 3 sets of lyrics I wrote on my birthday (happening social life back then, obviously…). So the first line is  “with every song I’m older….” So that obviously came from it being my birthday.  And away we go. 

There’s a line in the song ‘ the world begs no difference to how we may remember’ …how nature helps to find our place in the scheme of things…there are so many people and it’s a big world.

It’s a great feeling to write lyrics. It’s also great fun to read back through them, without singing or playing music. It allows me to focus on the deeper meaning in the sentences. 

I’m really enjoying just playing, having fun as I talk and I’m finding this is really taking me places I might not otherwise get to, in terms of understanding some of my ‘trick’s I use as a songwriter..and consequently, Im sharing them in the moment I’m discovering them . Which is really interesting to me. 

Join me this week as I experiment, turning a rock song into a piano vocal version…and I compose some new parts as I …play ..rewriting. It’s always an option as a songwriter. 

There’s a balance between being open to changes and hanging on to that which you believe to be right the way it is already. Ultimately, it’s about what’s right for the Song. (and sometimes more than one arrangement is the right call)

Enjoy a relaxed 30 mins of chat and step in the shoes of a songwriter. Hope you enjoy the music , too. 

You can read the lyrics in this week’s blog post at www.petepascoe.wordpress.com – plus there’s lots more music and art there too.