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With You

Episode #111: With You   (song starts at 2:45)

This episode features a song I wrote in 1993. Song #309 jumped out of my song book this week. 

I haven’t played this – or thought about it for that matter – for years, for some reason.

Perhaps this is a ‘universal’  love song for someone….for someone (if that makes sense). It also talks about a higher love that I think can be found (rediscovered – a bit like me rediscovering this song) during our time on earth.

I had to make sure I could still play it before I hit record. A quick play of the fingers on the keys and it all came to back to me. 

It really has been a journey of discovery on this podcast, picking out old songs that I’ve written and delving into them to see ‘what lies beneath the surface’. 

I think this particular song is a good match of music and lyrics. There is river imagery in this song ( just for a change, for me) so, like a river, I’ve come up with chords and melody that flow along, with subtle changes m like a peaceful ever. 

I mention Roger from Adelaide in this episode. He wrote to me recently, drawing my attention to the water imagery I use in my songs and musing on that to a degree. Roger wrote the initial lyrics to A Tincture Of Time (Episode #63, which I really enjoyed – both writing the song with Roger – & recording the process). I said in this episode that’s not something I often do (write song with others…).  I should said ‘other than with Paul Dredge from New Zealand’. We’ve written easily 100 songs together. 

The songs come with in a rush, generally. Both the words and the music. I edit these songs in a fun, creative manner. Each time I play my songs, I’m open to editing them – right up to the moment the tape rolls during recording. 

‘With You’ has a gentle rolling lilt. A country sort of feel. It’s probably one of the more honest love songs I’ve written. I guess that’s what brings in the ‘higher love’ element.

I mention the laughter of children in the lyrics. The pure joy of a child’s laughter is amazing. As an adult, when we rediscover that aspect of ourselves – and it’s often when it bubbles up by itself – it’s a surprise. 

Art and music can be a way to find that same sort of ‘simple’ joy. Looking at these songs and sharing what comes to mind gives me so much pleasure.

It’s so nice to know these episodes are streaming for people all around the world. I’m doing my bit to contribute something positive online. 

If you want to find more of my music and art, you can find plenty online. 13 albums (thus far), hundreds of paintings and cartoons, videos and writing. 

There’s plenty more to publish. I have composed 800+ songs. There’s a new album ‘The Untrodden Track’ that will be out shortly (folk rock, with Paul Dredge).

Ok here we go … Grab a cuppa maybe and sit back, relax, let me entertain you.

Lyrics are on this week’s Blog post www.petepascoe.wordpress.com