Mobile Phone

Episode #40:  Mobile Phone    (Song at 9:07)

This week’s song, song #520 was written in 2002 ! It’s now 2020… And this is the year that Mobile Phone has finally been released! Same numbers in the year, just switched around a little…

This is a social comment song. Generally I’m a glass half full sort of bloke, but I haven’t got my head in the sand. 

As a songwriter, you are by nature an observer of human spirit. 

And this is topical this week, being nearly Christmas.

I wish some of the positivity, giving, ‘thinking of others’ that we claim to feel and act on during this festive season.. I really wish we’d act in this manner on the other 364 days of the year, too.., that’d be good. We could do with it! 

Mobile phone paints a pretty grim picture of society / humans in general and it’s written from the point of view of a youngster, a father, a wife and then from a bigger…sort of spiritual angle. So maybe it’s not such a bad song to bring up and mention at Christmas.

This demo is a piano groove with keys bass and drums. This is markedly different from the version which appears on the band album which will be out on Christmas Eve! The single Mobile Phone is out now. You can check that out next if you like. 

The lyrics came like a stream of consciousness. There is a natural sort of a flow. The music came quickly too, very much flowed. It’s a guitar riff song that came naturally – on the piano ! One of today’s tips from a songwriting point of view touches on this natural flow….plus there’s plenty more. 

There’s also a couple of Christmas memories in there too: I recall my brother and I sneaking into the lounge before dawn to feel the Christmas presents, see if we can glean anything…and the second memory involved my sisters rather large Great Dane cross dog and our cat, providing some Christmas lunch entertainment !! 

So. Sit back and enjoy a 30 min chat with some piano here and there…  be informed, entertained, uplifted and transported to another world.

If you like this demo, please do check out the single…. And the album when it’s out on the 24th. If you like to listen to an actual band, interacting with each other… that’s what’s on this album – dropping in time for Christmas ! 

Enjoy !