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Molly Brown

Episode #76:  Molly Brown    (Song starts at 5:28) This week’s song is a brand new one, so it’s very fresh in my mind, as to how it came together.  I wrote the lyrics and recorded the demo recording 2 nights ago.  Tonight I’ve been a bit busy. I’ve just done online live concert for … Continue reading Molly Brown

Drift Away

Episode #154: Drift Away  (Song starts at 3:03) I took a drive this evening. I live on the outskirts of Melbourne, on the Mornington Peninsula, out in the country. I wasn’t sure where I was going… just following my nose. As it turns out, it lead to a nice quiet beach where gentle waves were … Continue reading Drift Away

cover of podcast 77 featuring paul dredge ad pete pascoe on the cover black and white pic

Anticipation and Longing

Episode# 77:  Anticipation and Longing    (Song starts at 7:00)  Welcome to another episode, packed with humour, chat & music. This week I interview my old mate, and co songwriter, Mr Paul Dredge. I also videoed proceedings. So you have the option to watch and listen this week, if you’d like to: Paul and … Continue reading Anticipation and Longing