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Anticipation and Longing

Episode# 77:  Anticipation and Longing    (Song starts at 7:00) 

Welcome to another episode, packed with humour, chat & music.

This week I interview my old mate, and co songwriter, Mr Paul Dredge. I also videoed proceedings. So you have the option to watch and listen this week, if you’d like to:

Paul and I ended up talking about all sorts…from All Blacks, to bird calls. Sit back and enjoy this easy conversation between 2 songwriters, as we endeavour to shed some light on how this song came together – and the songwriting process, in more general terms.

We wrote Anticipation and Longing some years ago… It’s one of the songs we wrote when we were at the height of our gigging years together. As Paul pointed out, 5 gigs a week for a couple of years is a lot – lots of musos manage one a week…we were busy! 

We were in tune with one another. It’s a brilliant thing to have the amount of mutual understanding and trust you need in order to write a song together. 

It’s like theatre sports…it’s a subtle dance – you can’t block the other person, and yet you feel completely free to ‘pipe up’ where you both feel inclined, to steer the creative project through to its best possible conclusion. It’s all about the song, the feeling. 

When 2 voices are singing together (people who are comfortable with their individual voices) sometimes seems there’s more than just the 2 voices …the sum of the parts add up to something more. 

In this case, on this recording there is another (great) voice : Michelle Pickett on vocals too…and the brilliant Earl Pollard on drums. 

You can check out the song 7 minutes in, and also on the album Righto here:

The sound quality of this episode isn’t as good as usual, due to the nature of the live in interview recording – Paul was talking on a mobile phone. But it was fun and I’m glad we videoed it too, although the video only lasts 10 minutes. After that I’ve added edited photos. It was fun to put together.

This fits the bill, then: a relaxed, inclusive delivery & a song. Good times.  

I hope enjoy the episode. Enjoy!

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