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Breathe and Realise

Episode #29: Breathe and Realise – ( Song at 10:04)

This week in my blog and this podcast, Im drawing attention to – and celebrating – the sense of freedom that can be found by going out for a walk in nature. 

Song number 442 from 1998, Breathe and Realise is about taking that Moment to realise how free we really are. 

In Melbourne, the lockdown has been slightly changed – I’m now allowed to go….

Fishing. And fishing is my way of letting go of my worries, particularly when I do a cast with my rod. I cast my worries away to the horizon. I love just being beside the water. Catching a fish – or not – is completely by the way. This week I take you down to my local beach a couple of times, and to another local beach here in where I painted a plein air picture today. 

I mention my buddy and co-songwriter on this episode again, this time as a poet. You can read his poems at paulspoeticramblings.wordpress.com 

I picked up his book this week and really enjoyed it. 

On my blog, petepascoe.wordpress.com,  I have a link to poem he wrote ‘the fisherman’ . There’s a photo of me fishing which Paul took while he was writing the poem. In it, Paul really catches what my whole theme is about this week on both my blog post and this podcast. 

Getting out and being free. Fishing may not be your thing. Perhaps you just like walking, sitting on the beach – all good. 

You’ll get a few tips on songwriting again on this episode. Both the words and music. 

It’s something I really love. The act of composing really sets me free, just about the same way it feels when I walk by the water. 

I painted a seascape today, on the spot. Had another walk by the ocean later on, made a how to draw a duck playing piano video tonight and 5 other small duck cartoons… You can see the painting on my blog and the ducks on YouTube now. 

I’m really enjoying how my weekly online content is all tying together. eg, Paul the poet played on the song this week. 

Ok I hope you’re experiencing some sort of freedom and peace of mind. If you’d like some more of that, sit back and I’ll let you know how I found that freedom this week. 


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My Picture

Episode #28: My Picture – (Song at 9:22)

Welcome to another episode. Time is whizzing by in lockdown, here in Melbourne, it’s been about 28 weeks (with a brief respite mid way). 

And it’s been about 24 years since I wrote the song ‘My Picture’. 

This song is about a breath you take as you go within and allow room for some self reflection. 

Speaking of stopping, the world used to stop for me whenever Elton John came on the radio. Elton John and Bernie Taupin were a huge influence on my music – and my life, as it turns out . 

I wrote a poem about the first time I wrote a song, here it is.  

The Christmas Present – Peace Pesto

Elton gets a mention in that poem. On this episode, as I’m talking about Elton, my hands wander on the keys of my piano and I start a song, unintentionally. 

I then analyse what I was up to, what I was thinking about, some of the theory, etc…. so that was a nice unexpected  detour. 

And that’s what this podcast is about …going with the moment. It makes it interesting, keeps it creative, keeps me in the flow. You get to hear about how it is to be a songwriter. 

Back to the song Page number 364 of you song books, Ladies and Gentlemen.I wrote it the year before I left NZ to come and live in Melbourne. Again, taking a breath before the next big adventure. 

And it’s been a brilliant adventure of many chapters, in the years since. 

Ok, want some music? You get that – a piano/ vocal demo. Want some chat? You’ve come to the right place..  Eg: There a was a fellow that came into the bar/restaurant where I was playing piano. This chap demanded Cold Chisel….anyhow…   Sit back, grab a cuppa and let me entertain and hopefully inform you..

More (related) music and art here ;

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In The Scheme Of Things

Episode #27: In The Scheme Of Things – (Song at 7:35)

Welcome back again to another episode. I’m going to endeavour to give you an insight into how it feels to write a song, the sort of thoughts a songwriter has.

It was peaceful this morning, here in Melbourne –  just little light drizzle, no wind. I found I’d woken in quite reflective state of mind. This particular song came to me as I thought about my place in the scheme of things.

This time last year I was on the Pohangina river in the Manawatu in New Zealand ( beautiful language, isn’t it – the way Maori words roll off the tongue – I do my best).

I took a photo of a pool on the river that day – place that has so many memories for me. 

You can see the photo in my blog post this week. petepascoe.wordpress.com The lyrics are there too each week, by the way – in case you’re like me and you like to read along while the song is playing.

It’s a beautiful river, a very gentle paced flow. Not fast, not sluggish. Just right for a relaxed walk /wade

A bit later on, back in Melbourne, at the school where I teach piano, the first bit of melody came with a whistle as I walked between students.. I got the melody first. 

Then back in my piano room,  I flicked open my iPad, came across the photo of the river and the words just started to come to me. So I sat at the piano, played quietly stopping now and then to write down each line as it came in. It’s such a great feeling. It’s something I never take for granted. 

It’s great to have this platform to share the process. There’s something here for everyone..perhaps you’re a lyricist, maybe looking to pick up an idea or two, or a songwriter? Or  ‘just’ someone – it could be you-  curious to see what goes on.

You’ll get a heartfelt song into the bargain, plus some life observations and humour. Also I’ll take you with me back in time for a peaceful walk on the river..

If you like my music, there’s plenty more we this came from. You can stream it, view videos, I’m also a seascape painter and cartoonist.

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Fair New Day

Episode #26: Fair New Day – (Song at 6:33)

It’s springtime here in Melbourne. Today was indeed a fair new day. 

Tune in again this week and catch another song. If it’s your first time here, welcome! You are now part of an intimate listening audience. Let me entertain and inform you. 

I want to give you an insight as to where this song came from, how it came into being. 

This one started to come through on the night of a big rock roll band gig, featuring yours truly on lead vocals. This particular day I’d woken up with an horrendously sore throat. I was about to head out to the gig, where I’d be basically screaming my head off, getting above drums and guitars… Lots of energy. 

So I thought I better have a very gentle vocal warm up on my piano before I left home for the gig. The warm up chords and gentle humming straight away sounded like a song… 

You’ll also hear about a rather annoying neighbours dog that woke me up very early one morning.. (not being a morning person, myself)…

I love writing lyrics. It amazes me how the words seem to come through if their own accord ‘on the ether’. The same with the music: the melodies, the chords, all the ideas.. It’s as much a mystery to me now as it was the day it first happened for me.

Join me on a journey of discovery as I delve into what it’s like to be a songwriter. I ‘wing it’ and have fun as I roll – while I enjoy sharing some of the nuances of songwriting and share some observations on life in general, I like to keep the tone lighthearted – we are here to be entertained.

Grab a cuppa, put your feet up. Like a yarn or three and some new music ? You’ve come to the right place. Enjoy.

(By the way, the time where the song kicks in is in the title each week).

Run Away (It’s Never Easy)

Episode #25: Run Away (It’s Never Easy) – (Song at 8:10 & 25:00)

Songs take you right back to what you were up to at the time when they came into your life, don’t they? 

When you write a song, a heartfelt song, it seems the effect increases tenfold. 

Particularly if you are writing from the heart. And that’s what I do…

Listening to today’s song Run Away (I.N.E.), song number #176, it took me right back in time to when I wrote it. 

It’s a song about a relationship….if you like lyrics, we dip into the words and see how they came together, what they’re about…

I introduce: ‘Mr piano man, Pete Pascoe’ …I touch on how it is to be a piano man & more than that…

You’ll get to step into the shoes of a song writer – literally, this time: I demonstrate how I start writing the beginning of a song, As I talk, my fingers rest on the keys and I bring the piano in and out of proceedings.

Also you’ll get to come on a fishing adventure in the waves at the beach in New Zealand..

Hopefully you’ll be entertained , you’ll feel informed.

And you’ll get two versions of the song today! 

Grab a cuppa, sit back and come on a trip into another world. 

The world of a songwriter. 

It’s my passion, it’s who I am. 

You can find more of my music and art here …plus the usual streaming services.


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Winter Blue

Episode #23: Winter Blue – (Song at 11.43)

Hi there, Welcome to another episode of Song and a Chat. If it’s your first time here, well, I hope you’re in for a treat. You’ll get to step into the shoes of a songwriter. You’ll hear a bit about how the song came together. 

I had ski gig – playing piano in an old restaurant in the evenings, skiing all day when it was fine. When it rained I wrote songs, drew cartoons ….and I went trout fishing. I tell a yarn about the time I was asked to take a party of people white water rafting…. 

If this sounds a long way away from songwriting, well, it is. I’m enjoying just following my nose and relating memories like this adventure… 

Winter Blue is today’s song. What’s this one about?  Once I’d taken up the gig and got there, I realised I was going to miss …a lot… and …someone in particular. 

This is a gentle ballad, with a lilting melody. I will record it with an orchestra one day. 

So in amongst stories, of fishing, and white water rafting (I take you on the river with me that winter’s afternoon…) plus we have some music. 

I’ll examine the lyrics, and the music of the song, from a songwriting point of view. 

If you’ve never heard a songwriter speak about this sort of thing, hopefully you’ll find this interesting. 

Ok, buckle up for the ride. Here we go off to New Zealand high country in 1988, where there’s a young fella waiting to tell a yarn or two, and sing you a song.

Everyone Falls

Episode #22:  Everyone Falls – (Song at 1:40)

This podcast is a bit like a songwriter speaks type of gig. I’ll talk about an old demo, well look at it from a songwriting point view. Plus – and perhaps more so – I’m talking about episodes from my past – you’ll get a slice of the life of a songwriter. 

Recording these episodes, I fly by the seat of my pants. It’s a casual presentation each week. I talk honestly about my work.

I also talk the featured song of the week –  what I was feeling at the time wrote it. I talk  about the lyrics & the music. 

Everyone Falls is this week’s song. It’s from an old album called the Patient Hum – this is the 21st year (!) since I released 100 CDs of it (yep, back in the day).  I have recently re-recorded the vocals. I’ve nearly finished remixing this album. It’ll be online soon..

When I composed this, in 1998, I was 2 years into a ‘new start’ in Melbourne, after leaving New Zealand. 

I went back to NZ for a music tour that didn’t happen. So I decided to record instead. In one afternoon we recorded 14 songs. This was one of them. I released the album as I said, and at the time I also released my Eridanus /River Music album.

It turns out (in my opinion) the song Everyone Falls also reads well as a piece of poetry. On the spur of the moment, I give it a reading …this was a surprise. I think it goes well. 

The lyrics came about reflecting on the fact that I’d gone from playing the lead role of JC Superstar, and playing with the band in a rock festival to suddenly singing covers in a Holiday Inn and starting all over again. 

You gotta have humility, a thick skin, a good sense of humour and a mountain of determination to do this ‘artist’ thing…

So this song could be about the ups and downs (and resurrecting ) an existing  path, it could be about something that urges us on, rescues us, the natural essence.. call it what you will. 

I hope you enjoy this song and I hope you enjoy the chat. 

Thanks for tuning in. 


Episode #20: Photograph – (Song at 5:40)

Welcome back to to another episode of Song and a Chat.

This week’s song talks about the idea of how a photograph – or a single memory can then bring into your mind a bunch of memories from the same time, and then you discover you’ve actually remembered much more from that particular time than you thought you had.

Music has a way of bringing back memories, doesn’t it.

The song Photograph also explores how we ’cast a line’ into our possible future.

..and that gives me a nice segue into letting you know in this episode I talk about a fly fishing afternoon I shared with a couple of friends. In the high country in New Zealand. So this podcast is turning out to be part ‘travel magazine’ too!

Recording these podcast episodes is taking me into some unexpected and often surprising (to me) concepts and avenues. It’s really great fun.

Photograph is also about those few special teachers that come into your life for just the right amount of time to show you something and set you on a course where you’re going to see it through.

As I chat, I sit at my piano and talk about the song from a musical/songwriting angle and also analyse the lyrics. It’s all done in a laid-back ‘light’, inclusive manner …

I’ve said it before ; I’m not going to tell you how to write a song, but I am going to tell you how I write a song.

Ok Curious? Want to hear more? I hope so ! Grab a cup, put your feet up and be entertained.

Thanks for tuning in.

By the way, each week, you can find the song lyrics on my blog post of the week – in amongst all the art and other music …I paint seascapes and draw cartoons – that’s what I’ve been up to today, as well as writing a blog, making videos and recording this episode.

www.petepascoe.wordpress.com is my blog.                       Website:  www.petepascoe.com  

Also, if you are enjoying my podcast, please do spread the word…  this is only my 20th episode – I’m brand new to this and I’m loving it. There’s plenty more to come!

God’s Wish

Episode #17: God’s Wish – (Song at 11:32 & 29:40)

In this episode,  I recount a couple of slices of my life back when I first came to Australia to live – including an exchange during evening in a bar, outdoors in St Kilda, Melbourne. Right then I discovered I was in a big city – a big change for someone who from New Zealand.

I also talk about what I’ve been up to during the week I record the podcast episode. 

This week,  I’ll take you on a walk in a coastal national park, you’ll join the band in a recording session and you’ll get some insight into the lyrics – and song arranging in general. 

Song #435 was inspired by a fellow I met on a tram. Melbourne is renown for its trams. It’s a very relaxing way to travel. I found I could read and write on the tram, much like I can on trains. I expect it’s because you’re on ‘ train tracks’ and I don’t get car sick there…

Woah, I’ve got off subject here. Actually this would serve to give you an idea of how I roll when I record a podcast episode. A theme develops, but I keep it free and go with ideas that pop into my mind – it’s relaxed style of delivery…it’s (hopefully) humorous, entertaining and informative

By the way,  if you’d like to read the lyrics at the point of the episode, you can find them. On this week’s blog post.    www.petepascoe.wordpress…./ 

If I’ve piqued your curiosity, great.  Join me on a 30 minute trip into another world-some past, some present, all of it being the world of a songwriter. Enjoy ‘Gods Wish’.


Episode #16: Balcony – (Song at 4:03)

A demo from my past – Feb 1994, written in Hamilton NZ, you’ll hear some anecdotes from my time there. As I describe these experiences, you’ll get an insight  into places I’ve been and people I’ve met and you’ll also see how they find their way into song lyrics and music.

I also talk about the song in terms of what it means to me today.

If you like the idea of stepping into the shoes of a songwriter for half an hour, you’re in the right place.

These episodes are all an evolving work in progress. I’ve decided I’m going to go back and collect all the song writing tips and examples and publish them in a concise form at some point in the future.

So it’s a case of art inspiring more art. Or speaking or writing or…story telling.

Balcony is song number 322 in my song book I wrote it as I sat on the balcony – it was an early autumn evening, the bright sun was descending behind the neighbours trees and I really felt like I was flying through space in time as the words came to me through the ether ..or where ever they come from.

These podcast episodes are proving to be enlightening to me as I reflect on the songwriting process – I’m collecting tips on songwriting and sharing them in the same moment of discovery.

Tune in and enjoy the chat – personal (almost confessions) and broader observations on life. Grab a cuppa or close your eyes if you’re on a train, do not close your eyes if you are driving. 

Enjoy 30 mins of a slice of life. Well, several slices – a healthy serving again this week.

Somewhat bizarrely, wolves make a (humorous) appearance twice in the episode. I bet you weren’t expecting that! Neither was I…

Thanks for tuning in.