Run Away (It’s Never Easy)

Episode #25: Run Away (It’s Never Easy) – (Song at 8:10 & 25:00)

Songs take you right back to what you were up to at the time when they came into your life, don’t they? 

When you write a song, a heartfelt song, it seems the effect increases tenfold. 

Particularly if you are writing from the heart. And that’s what I do…

Listening to today’s song Run Away (I.N.E.), song number #176, it took me right back in time to when I wrote it. 

It’s a song about a relationship….if you like lyrics, we dip into the words and see how they came together, what they’re about…

I introduce: ‘Mr piano man, Pete Pascoe’ …I touch on how it is to be a piano man & more than that…

You’ll get to step into the shoes of a song writer – literally, this time: I demonstrate how I start writing the beginning of a song, As I talk, my fingers rest on the keys and I bring the piano in and out of proceedings.

Also you’ll get to come on a fishing adventure in the waves at the beach in New Zealand..

Hopefully you’ll be entertained , you’ll feel informed.

And you’ll get two versions of the song today! 

Grab a cuppa, sit back and come on a trip into another world. 

The world of a songwriter. 

It’s my passion, it’s who I am. 

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