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Everyone Falls

Episode #22:  Everyone Falls – (Song at 1:40)

This podcast is a bit like a songwriter speaks type of gig. I’ll talk about an old demo, well look at it from a songwriting point view. Plus – and perhaps more so – I’m talking about episodes from my past – you’ll get a slice of the life of a songwriter. 

Recording these episodes, I fly by the seat of my pants. It’s a casual presentation each week. I talk honestly about my work.

I also talk the featured song of the week –  what I was feeling at the time wrote it. I talk  about the lyrics & the music. 

Everyone Falls is this week’s song. It’s from an old album called the Patient Hum – this is the 21st year (!) since I released 100 CDs of it (yep, back in the day).  I have recently re-recorded the vocals. I’ve nearly finished remixing this album. It’ll be online soon..

When I composed this, in 1998, I was 2 years into a ‘new start’ in Melbourne, after leaving New Zealand. 

I went back to NZ for a music tour that didn’t happen. So I decided to record instead. In one afternoon we recorded 14 songs. This was one of them. I released the album as I said, and at the time I also released my Eridanus /River Music album.

It turns out (in my opinion) the song Everyone Falls also reads well as a piece of poetry. On the spur of the moment, I give it a reading …this was a surprise. I think it goes well. 

The lyrics came about reflecting on the fact that I’d gone from playing the lead role of JC Superstar, and playing with the band in a rock festival to suddenly singing covers in a Holiday Inn and starting all over again. 

You gotta have humility, a thick skin, a good sense of humour and a mountain of determination to do this ‘artist’ thing…

So this song could be about the ups and downs (and resurrecting ) an existing  path, it could be about something that urges us on, rescues us, the natural essence.. call it what you will. 

I hope you enjoy this song and I hope you enjoy the chat. 

Thanks for tuning in. 

Sunset Journey

Episode #13: Sunset Journey – (Song at 9:43 & 22:55)

I’m really enjoying recording these episodes. This song came about after a drive down to the beach with friends. We wanted to catch the sunset. It was early winter. As it turned out, we timed it really well. The tide was out, the sun was about to dip over the horizon. The sky was reflected in the wet sand.

A black swan appeared out of the deepening dusk, flying – a silhouette against the stars as they started to appear. I was completely lost in the beauty of the scene, lost in the moment. It was a moment where it really crystallised for me that this was the end of a chapter – and the beginning of the next.

It’s great to have friends around, full stop – but it’s great to have friends around when you need a bit of support to get you through. This was one of those times.

Sunset Journey appeared on an album ‘Can’t See The Words For The Trees’, some years go. I’ll be re-recording this album in the future, as the old gear I recorded on wasn’t the best, sound quality wise.

Join us on the beach as you listen to the song. Enjoy.

By the way,  there’s a surprise in the 2nd half of this episode.    

Second Story

Episode #9: Second Story – (Song at 7:32 & 24:47)

This podcast is evolving. It’s becoming a collection of songwriting tips, concepts. It’s also bringing anecdotes to the surface – stories I’d forgotten about, that had their origins at the time the song was written. Plus there are observations on the complexity of the human condition, the evolving self & the opportunity for growth – by working through the challenges that life presents as we push on. 

Art and Music are great mediums to document these events, as there’s a lot of emotion and not everything that happens to us during our time on earth is easily summed up with spoken/written language by itself. 

On that note, Second Story is a song that describes a process: how it feels to sort of disappear into another world which can happen during writing a song. Transcending time and space, it really gets you out of the skin. Maybe if you’re lucky, when you come back to your sense of self that you’re normally accustomed to, you’ll have some echoes of what you’ve experienced – like memories, somehow in the present. And these can become the building blocks for a song. 

I was house sitting at the time, there was a baby grand beneath an arched window, in a sun drenched room. Brilliant for song writing. I recorded an albums worth of songs in the 10 days or s  that I was in this house, Alfred the dog kept me company as I noodled away on the keys and waited to see where the piano would take me. 

Two versions here. The original demo. And the finished album cut

The demo is quite ethereal somehow, which suits the subject material. 

I describe in some depth this pretty much transcendent type of experience here. 

It blew me away and it seems like yesterday. I enjoyed taking myself back in time as a part of re-experiencing this. Another journey of discovery. Enjoy. 


I’m On My Way

Episode #4: I’m On My Way – (Song at 4:24)

Episode number four: I’m on my way, Song #341 written in1994.

I wrote the lyrics sitting at the beach, in New Zealand. I used to stockpile these.I loved having a stack of lyrics waiting for whenever the mood hit me to compose a song.

When I recorded this demo it was my first time using 16 tracks. Thanks to a friend, I was fortunate enough to be given access to a ‘B studio’ at night.. I ended up producing a solo album’s worth of demos, over a few weeks. I loved it. I programmed the drums, played piano, keys fretless bass, strings, and sang it.

Thanks to Brendon (I’m pretty sure that was his name), who happened by the studio one evening and put some guitars down for the entire album for me. He had some great ‘chops’, was an instinctive player, who played for the song.  He took direction well. It was a spontaneous creative outpouring, with easy communication for us both. It was big night. We finished at dawn.

The song is about nearing the end of a relationship, trying to let go. There is a sense of freedom about the music, it’s got a nice vibe. This is the first time I got to fully direct an arrangement in a professional studio.I loved the experience. 

Hear more about how the song came to be, the lyrics and at the end there’s some songwriting / arranging tips. I do talk in a way that is inclusive of the layman/ non songwriter. So if you hang around to the end you might gain some insights into the creative process. Enjoy.

That’s Alright With Me

Episode #2: That’s Alright With Me – (Song at 4:17 & 16:35)

We’re back!…my second podcast, ever: That’s Alright With Me, Babe, From 1993. Song #347. Written by myself with Paul Dredge (NZ) . This episode includes the demo version and the album cut – 2 for the price of 1 ! 

Here we have the result of two minds meeting & writing intuitively together, in the moment. I had the lyrics in hand. I’m winging the melody, looking at Paul’s fingers on the guitar neck – not sure why, they mean nothing to me, cos I play piano. 

I said ” ok, it’s sort of an uptempo kind of Bob Dylan song” and Paul leaped in with the chords and groove. 

Fuelled by the heady cocktail of coffee and biscuits, this song encapsulates the free, stream of consciousness type of creative, approach to co songwriting that we had – and still have today. 

I explain how the song came together, a bit of background, the usual lyric analysis. Then you can hear the finished cut, after that I offer a few tips on songwriting and arranging to finish. Enjoy 

Chocolate Biscuit Princess

Episode #1 Chocolate Biscuit Princess – (Song at 7:58)

Welcome to my first podcast – ever! Hi there, my name is Pete Pascoe I’m a songwriter. I’ve written 800 songs. I had the idea that an ongoing series of podcasts would be a great place to present demos of songs – old and new – that might not otherwise get out there in the world.

Each week, I’ll present another a song ( if you want to only listen to the song , the time where the song plays will be in each title). First of all, I’ll give you the backstory, where the song came from, perhaps what I was up to at the time….what inspired the song, (yep, you’ll get the inside info).

Having set the scene, the tape hiss kicks in and…the demo plays. Sometimes on the original demo, you catch some sort of magic that you don’t then manage to find in the studio when re-recording the song later. It’s this sort of…indefinable feeling that we all strive for in art and music. I’ll then do some lyric analysis, and finish up with the songwriting tips. I plan for this to go on..well, for quite some time – there are 800 songs to choose from! 

Ok , on with the show : Chocolate Biscuit Princess. Song # 171. Written in 1991 and demoed the same year.

The title? A good friend of mine shared a house with a young lady who somehow reminded me of what I thought an English princess from a couple of centuries ago might look like. Some of her mannerisms seemed quite…royal too. Apparently her food intake was minimal. The bulk of her diet being chocolate biscuits. The song writer in me said “aha!” surely there’s a song to be had here.

The recording : piano/vocals (as most of my offerings on this podcast will be), in one take, playing a baby grand late one evening, in a piano bar where I used to work. One day I’ll record this with a small string section – a suitable arrangement for a royal performance!

Then I segue into the songwriting segment. On this first podcast, there’s a sense of exploration happening as I’m deciding on how to present these podcasts. I’m finding my way along. I did consider re-recording it, but I like the spontaneity and honesty that often happens in the first take. I hope you enjoy it.