That’s Alright With Me

Episode #2: That’s Alright With Me – (Song at 4:17 & 16:35)

We’re back!…my second podcast, ever: That’s Alright With Me, Babe, From 1993. Song #347. Written by myself with Paul Dredge (NZ) . This episode includes the demo version and the album cut – 2 for the price of 1 ! 

Here we have the result of two minds meeting & writing intuitively together, in the moment. I had the lyrics in hand. I’m winging the melody, looking at Paul’s fingers on the guitar neck – not sure why, they mean nothing to me, cos I play piano. 

I said ” ok, it’s sort of an uptempo kind of Bob Dylan song” and Paul leaped in with the chords and groove. 

Fuelled by the heady cocktail of coffee and biscuits, this song encapsulates the free, stream of consciousness type of creative, approach to co songwriting that we had – and still have today. 

I explain how the song came together, a bit of background, the usual lyric analysis. Then you can hear the finished cut, after that I offer a few tips on songwriting and arranging to finish. Enjoy 

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