Walk By The River

Episode #24: Walk By The River – (Song at 6.14)

Welcome to another podcast episode – a big show again, this week! 

Picture me on a stage, with my piano. You’re the intimate audience. Yes, you’re going to a get a song- song# 385 as matter of fact. But that’s far from all you’ll be hearing about. 

Come back in time with me and we’ll see where the song came from. At the time I composed this song, I was reading Tolkien by candlelight, listening to De Ja vu by Crosby Stills Nash and Young. It was a peaceful time for me.

I walked by the river a lot, fly fishing and letting my worries go. Just as my father did before me and his father did before him, on that same river. 

This song was the last one I wrote before I left New Zealand to come to live in Australia. 

As well as looking at the lyrics and the music, you’ll get to hear about a (humorous) unfortunate episode involving me by the river in NZ on a very dark night, finding my way back to my car. And another yarn about a quiet stream, years later, in Victoria, Australia. 

Along with life observations, insights to the song writing process, a yarn or two about gigs I’ve played and some other surprises ….enjoy some music and a chat. 

Sit back , grab a cuppa and put your feet up for 30 minutes. Let me entertain you!

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