Time Wheels

Episode #68: Time Wheels    (Song starts at 4:26)

Welcome to another episode. I like the way this podcast is developing. Casting my mind back, it’s hard to believe more than a year has gone by since I recorded my 1st episode. Those time wheels keep on turning.

Written in 1991 ( yes, that is some time ago, and it’s a surprise to me that so many years have passed since I wrote this one).The lyrics of Time Wheels are a collection of seemingly random images from my past. The reflective mood of these words were then given a context, a suitable musical bed and a melody to then take flight and become…. a song.

It’s a seemingly magical thing…come along with me in this episode and I’ll take you inside the songwriting process once again. 

By the way, if this is your first time here, be not afraid: this podcast is not a dry ‘how to text book’ on songwriting. It includes songwriting tips on how I go about it, but it’s more about sharing the feelings and my experiences along the way, sort of looking to shed light on the process without ever looking to try and demystify the process – as if I could do that.

Time is obviously a universal theme. It means something different to everyone and what it means to an individual changes…over time. Our perception of time changes in relation to our state of mind: being immersed in a passion can mean a long period of time can flash by in an instant. Conversely, if you’re not enjoying what you’re up to, 30minutes can seem to take an eternity.

(Perhaps this is a bit like quantum physics, how the observer can influence the outcome of experiments simply by observing (?) or not… anyhow…back to songwriting…)

I talk about the recording process here, too, in general terms. Again, how magical it is – how it feels to sing together in harmony with 2 other people. We recorded all the vocals on this demo in one take. In fact the whole album, Righto, (which I have on bandcamp here : www.petepascoe.bandcamp.com) was recorded like that. From memory there was perhaps only one false take.

We did the 17 songs in 3 days. Who does that? Well, we were well rehearsed and we were passionate and we were used to making music together …we played five nights a week together. That’s a lot over three years. 

I was younger when I wrote this song. But I’m not sure if written many better ones than this. It’s got ‘a feeling’ about it.… 

Here’s the story behind time wheels. Enjoy just sitting back and enjoy the chat -and some music. 

You can find the lyrics at the end of this week’s blog post www.petepascoe.wordpress.com (resilience and self belief post)