Help Me

Episode #70: Help Me  (Song starts at 7:24 )

Hi there, from Melbourne. Once again, here I am behind the mic, at the piano, looking at another song from a while ago – or that was what I thought. 

But…I pushed a button without realising it. An 80s synth sound came through loud and clear, when I was expecting a piano sound. I let this take me somewhere and I leapt in and started composing an …80s rock song. So this may well become a song which I’ll finish and release at some point in the future – and you heard it first on this podcast!

Now, back to the song at hand, Help Me, after all these years, is topical this week (I wrote it in 1998! ). It’s lockdown here, again, in Melbourne. Man, it’s been really, really challenging as a musician artist, these last 15 months. 

But the art and music have kept my wheels on – I’ve loved sharing so many songs and creative ideas, anecdotes and observations on this podcast so far. I’ve also been panting seascapes flat out. So with gigs and arts markets being cancelled ( and most my piano teaching ), I’ve been emailing and following up seascape commission enquires, doing all sorts.. 

As well, I’ve been doing my blog (

…..and some music – and this (mainly) what we are here to talk about. 

With everything going on, it is with a sense of relief and excitement when I go into my studio, select and old demo and create a show around the song. 

I really like today’s song. It’s a bluesy number with a strong groove, some excellent lead guitar from Paul Dredge (NZ), my song writing buddy.  

So if you want to escape off into songwriting land with me, come on… Let’s see where it takes us. 

Help me is basically a cry for help. With lyrics like these, it’s tempting (and logical ) to write a ballad, especially when your writing on the piano. I’m pleased with this song: I think it really sounds like it’s been written on guitar, with a band. So today’s song is a bit different from some of my piano / vocal songs …

Ok grab a cuppa, here we go – here’s 30 minutes of creativity, fun and exploration. Enjoy!