Old Hat In The Sun / Life In One Day

Episode #82: Old Hat In The Sun / Life In One Day    (Songs start at 6:18 & 22:07)

Hi there. I’m writing these show notes immediately after recording this episode (which is what I normally do) … Although I also normally listen back through as the recording ‘bounces’, ready to be put online as a stereo file. 

This time, I’ve stopped the tape. Just wanting to really soak up this moment and try to tell you how I’m feeling. 

I’m feeling pretty good. Unexpectedly, I ended up writing a full song, in the moment (words and music) in this episode. 

The song Old Hat In The Sun was written by a younger me. At 21, the lyrics are about wanting to get it ‘all sorted out’, ( my life, the world ) by … oh, by the time I turned 22. Ha. I wrote this song in 1986, it’s song #6 in my songbook. 

Fast forward now to 2021 and I feel like over these last few years I’ve been letting go of some old dreams, redefining some new ones. Ahh, the voice of experience (and I’m sure if I’m around in my 90s and look back I’ll have a chuckle about me writing this, making plans, now)…

Anyhow, this letting go was the subject of this week’s blog post if you would like to check it out, the lyrics to this week’s song – and this brand new song are there: www.petepascoe.wordpress.com

I’m as passionate about my music as I ever was. I hope to still be singing and playing my songs in my 80s. Why not. 

In this episode, as I say, I ended up writing a song as if I’ve travelled back in time, with a message for my younger self: something along the lines of: ‘slowing down a bit might not be a bad idea’

It’s been so busy again this week, creatively, maybe that’s something I still haven’t learned. 

I just feel so strongly that each day, each week, that I’m alive and breathing, I want to create good stuff. So while I’m on here earth, that’s what I’m doing. That’s what I’m up to here: fun, entertainment and information.

Ok, so it’s a ‘two for one’ deal this week. Also, join me in my primary school class. Then, at 17, in UCLA as an exchange student (Akio was the trumpeter from Japan, by the way) & then as a 21 year old thinking about ‘it all’ – including the old man with an old hat in the sun. 

Hope you enjoy this one episode much as I enjoyed recording it.