Made Me Realise

Episode #85:  Made Me Realise    (Song starts 7:20)

This week’s episode has a nice laid back mood again. This is how I felt when I wrote Made Me Realise (song #41) back in 1987. I can still till remember the evening this song came to me as I let my fingers wander on the keys where they would and let my voice float where it chose to go.

This is the podcast where one of my aims is to give you the feeling of how it feels to be in the shoes of a songwriter.
I try to give you an insight as to where the featured song of the week came from (I’ve composed 800 or so, so it’s fun dipping into the pool and see which one comes up each week).
There was a thunderstorm passing by as I recorded this episode. My studio isn’t exactly sound proof. You hear the wind and the rain on the roof. I don’t mind that.
It certainly added to proceedings..with a bit of atmosphere.
Speaking of atmosphere. You’ll get to hear the call of the black cockatoo ! Unexpected? Yeah, but I love being out in nature. It sort of wipes the slate clean.

Being in the outdoors brings me clarity of thought – and that is exactly what you need, as a songwriter. In the moment, you’re being: your own secretary; rhythm maker; tempo keeper; melody writer; lyricist; the list goes on…not to mention you’re accessing all the theory you’ve learned as you play in the moment and attempt to follow the feeling of where the song is taking you as it slowly presents itself.
Paul and I talked about this the other week on the BP Diner episode…the mystique of songwriting. It’s a fine art. I feel lucky to be a songwriter.

I also have been thinking of introducing some other writing here and there (as spoken word), eg :some diary entries that are relative to proceedings. So I do that on this episode, describing the Dawn at a beautiful river mouth at lake Taupo, New Zealand.
You’ll also get to visit the (Espy) Esplanade hotel in St Kilda, in Melbourne Australia, where I now reside ( I’m an ex kiwi). The version you hear of Made Me Realise is our band, Pete Pascoe and the Patient hum, playing the song live for the very first time, about 7 years ago at this great venue.
Given that the song was written in 1987, that’s a long time to wait, as a song writer. We finally recorded a version of the song recently, as a band (all instruments live, together, plus overdubs of strings and Organ, etc. on the album The Roughest Cut. Streaming now. Made Me realise is track number one.
Y’gotta be patient some times… That’s 33 years after I wrote the song!
Ok for now, sit back, enjoy the show. I did, even if my ‘magic lamp’ when out twice – of its own accord – when I was recording. Bizarre. It was one of those evenings.
Anyhow, join me now… Here we go ….enjoy!
Pete is my blog, which I mention (lots of art and more music here – the lyrics are here too).