The Drum

Episode #87: The Drum  (Song starts 5.14)

Where did this song come from? The first line is: ‘The rocking train challenges my pen to stay upon the page’. 

Yep, I was on the train when I wrote these lyrics.  It feels great to be a songwriter, to close my eyes and just write whatever pops into my mind. I don’t question it, I’ll just write something, knowing (and it definitely is a ‘knowing) that something will ‘answer’ me.

It’s exactly like this. It feels like a sense of ‘give and take’, as you float ideas freely.  A sense of play and some positive energy goes a long way. ..

Before we get to the train, I take you for the walk I follow when I catch the bus and train to get to a piano teaching job I have – when it’s happening. 

We’re opening up again here in Melbourne, after 86 weeks of extended lockdowns. Starting again from next week, I’ll be back on the train twice a week – and most likely, I’ll be sitting there with a pen and paper. I’ll be miles away, somewhere in my mind. 

Being a songwriter is a fine thing, for a number of reasons. One great thing is: all I need is a pen and paper and I’m away. You don’t need much gear. It’s such a pleasure. 

I had a band practice before I recorded this episode. Performing music is also a great thing. So is recording music, both of which I enjoy doing.

On that note, If you’d like to hear more of some of the music I’ve recorded, I have albums streaming on most platforms –  solo and with others. ( has 13 albums).

As a songwriter, it’s like you’re always just a breath away from a new idea – and one new idea is all it takes to get a new song really underway. The song seems to take on its own energy, and you just kind of try to get out of the road of your pen. Or you let your fingers just wander on the keys of the piano. It really is the best feeling. 

Ok, join me today, as we look at ‘The Drum’. This song explores the idea of us all be interconnected – a timely theme, as we reconnect after the Covid lockdowns.

If you’re new here, welcome. I hope you enjoy today’s episode. If you do – and want to hear more – there’s another 86 Episodes waiting for you. And there’ll be another episode next week. 

Here we go… The Drum…..Rollin’ !