Lost and Won

Episode #90: Lost and Won (Song starts at 3:12)

I composed the song Lost and Won in 2013. You can find it on the piano/vocal album ‘Don’t Miss The Bus’, on my bandcamp website: www.petepascoe.bandcamp.com

I like to get to the beach as often as I can. The sounds of nature wash over me when I’m there. It helps to get me into a peaceful state so I’m able to tune into ‘something’ & get creative. 

You’ll hear that process on this episode. I share some of the sounds that came into my day yesterday. I go from pre-recorded sounds of the city to the sound of birds and the beach. It amazes me how much noise is going on around us.

It was a bit of fun to record the sounds and weave them into this episode. I think we should really be aware of the noises that surround us, particularly in the city. It does affects us.

A way for me to counter city noise is to compose & play music. I become (nearly) oblivious to the noises around me.

As a songwriter, instinct plays a huge role. When I analyse why I’ve chosen one note over another, it can complicated pretty quickly. 

That’s why, on this podcast, l like to ‘play’ with words and ideas and share what comes to mind in the moment. As I talk, I also let my fingers just wander on the keys of the piano. It’s certainly fun.

This time again, I talk myself into a creative state of mind and start composing yet another song. It’s a great feeling. 

If you’re curious to see how this all plays out, sit back, tune in and have a listen. I hope you’ll find it interesting, entertaining, and relaxing. 

I always feel great at the end of each 30 minute episode. I’m performing, in a way – I’m comfortable in my ‘songwriting and performing shoes’. 

It’s great to have this way of sharing some of my ideas and processes here in this manner.

 I hope you enjoy this episode.