Foggy Morning

Episode #92: Foggy morning (Song starts at 4:47)

Hi there, This week’s episode features my song ‘Foggy Morning (Not A Bird Call)’. This is song #680.

I love composing songs. I like talking about the process and enjoy letting each episode wander just where it will, allowing the song to lead the way. It’s keeps things interesting and natural.

Talking as much about anecdotes, ideas related to the song as I talk about the song writing makes this podcast relaxing and fun – a bit of a ‘chat over a cup of tea’ in a way. 

This podcast is definitely a platform to present in a playful relaxed manner all kind of concepts and observations. 

Songwriters like me observe a lot of details. And yes I can be the classic ‘absent minded professor’. I actually got a bit lost, walking down some different streets where I live, today. I was busy having a chat on the phone with the headphones on when I suddenly realised I had no idea where I was. 

I don’t mind that. I found my way to some tall trees and found my way home.

That’s a bit like how some of these episodes go, really. Something springs to mind, which leads on to something else and away we go. It’s a very satisfying process. 

The lyrics of foggy morning came about when I picked up my pen waiting for a bus and described the scene around me.

Come and join me… maybe it’s a bit like a Forrest Gump scene where I’m sitting waiting. Have a look at what I’m writing…. and  perhaps then it’s like time’s been ‘fast forwarded’ and’s how the song turned out – at least up to the demo stage. This song will transform with guitars, someone else playing the drums (I played the drums on this demo – and the keys bass, singing, strings, piano…everything). 

It’s great fun arranging music and I’m finding it’s a blast to touch on all of these processes, on this podcast. 

Ok here we go.. Foggy morning. See what you think. Let me entertain you.