This Story (Golden Times)  

Episode #98:  This Story (Golden Times)  (Song starts at 5:14)

Hi there, I see this week’s song was written in January 2012. That amazes me. At the time of recording this podcast episode, that is a decade ago. Wow!
I think the thing is, when you create something, you are so far ‘in there’, in the creative zone, it seems you etch this time into your mind the memory. I think this might be because (in my opinion ), if you’re doing it ‘right’, you’re basing so much of what you’re doing on….feeling.
The purpose of this podcast is to hopefully entertain, while throwing light on the incredibly interesting process of songwriting.

Before we go on, during this episode, I refer to how good Sting looks on a recent interview I enjoyed. He looks in great shape, physically. Unfortunately, I inadvertently added another 10 years to what I think his age might be. Sorry, Sting! A slip of the tongue/ brain fade there. At least my intentions were good…
Ok, If it’s your first time here, welcome. You can jump right onboard. Even though this episode is episode 98, it is, of course, a ‘standalone experience’. If you enjoy it, there’s a stack ready awaiting your listening pleasure. You’ll get to see how this podcast has evolved, how it’s unfolded since I recorded the first episode.
That fits with this episode’s theme. The gist of the lyrics is: things evolve over time…and perhaps history’s altered as it’s recorded and handed down.
Personally I think we need to keep everything we’ve learned. We can understand more about ourselves by studying our true history, warts and all. We tend to airbrush out what we perceive to be blemishes on our character, maybe to our detriment.
Perhaps it’s not a bad idea to look ourselves squarely in the mirror and set about changing some of the things we are maybe not too happy with…
Pretty heavy scene for a song, eh? Yes, this is a song that holds some weight for me.
I recorded the piano/vocal of today’s song as I recorded the episode. This is a new development. Up until now I’ve included old demos. It was fun to do it this way.

You get a ‘2 for 1 deal’ today. The piano/vocal version and a band recording: track 3 from the album The Roughest Cut, by Pete Pascoe and The Patient Hum (comprising of Ants Reed, guitar; Neil sims Lead guitar; Dan Dew, drums).  This is ‘my’ Melbourne based rock band (I use inverted commas on the word my, because it’s really our band. We generally arrange and present songs by me. I’m the driving force, but we all contribute. Great fun).
Also, speaking of great fun, back to the subject at hand, by choosing to record this podcast in a free, creative. improvised manner, I’m having a blast doing this each week, I hope that’s coming across.
The opening lyrics take me right back in time to medieval times. I wonder what would be for dinner, if we were around back then. It constantly surprises me and amuses me where this podcast takes me.
Come on a trip with me today to find out what lies behind –  and within – the song This Story ( Golden Times) . It’s a big ongoing story…
Here we go. Picture me at the piano as I chat and sing. “Rollin’ ….”