As Far As I Can Tell

Episode #104:  As Far As I Can Tell  (Song starts at 4:50)

Welcome. I love writing songs. There’s a 100-odd songs on this podcast, 13 albums on bandcamp, a selection on all the streaming platforms and YouTube channel, etc.

One of the reasons I’m these producing these episodes is to help people. I teach, as it turns out. 

I’m also an artist. The blank canvas can be so confronting…I tell people to just throw some paint on that canvas. Just make a start.

That’s what I do with songwriting. I never question what comes up. I just try to catch what comes through – and get out of the way.

As soon as I’ve started, I’m ‘on the breath’ – fully alert, waiting and ready for whatever else comes through. I’m prepared for any changes that happen and I’m free enough to give the new ideas a go.

It’s not a bad analogy for being free, to roll with the changes in life..

That’s what this song is about. It’s a love song. About the early days when you’re head over heels. 

There’s a line ‘the world’s got brighter colours’ – it’s like you’ve got a filter on your vision, the magic of life somehow seems more tangible… Ahh new love. 

This song is a concise, gentle ballad that explores this phenomenon of realising you’re in love. 

It’s an intimate song, I wrote it for my (now) wife back in 2012. When you pen a song like this, and share it to an audience, the great thing is: other people ‘get’ the emotion of the song. It speaks to them and they somehow take ownership of the song to a degree. 

The more I write about songwriting, the more I realise how good it is for me. It sure feels good to compose the songs and release them out in the world. 

It’s a path I’m very grateful to be on. 

I hope you enjoy the chat and the song. It’s a great way to share so much. Here we go…