You Can Hurt Them Worse (by leaving things unsaid)

Episode #109: You Can Hurt Them Worse (by leaving things unsaid) (song starts at 6:37)

There are so many different places to start writing a song.
Number one would be feeling, I would say. You can find it in a space within in yourself where you can be completely honest.
That doesn’t mean you have to wear your heart on your sleeve or hit prospective listeners over the head with the wet bus ticket of your therapy…
But I find that if I write from a place of honesty..the result is: the lyrics and the music are going to ring true.
This song was written back in 1986. It is song #12 in my song book. Yes, that’s going back a wee way.
The melody has stayed with me. Why ? It came from that honest place, from somewhere else (and from somewhere within…)
That process is somehow hard to pin down in words. But as I do my best to do that on this podcast, the thing that gets concepts across is….feeling. What I say (and sing) between the words helps to tell the story.
Which brings me to the lyrics of the song….You can hurt them worse by leaving things…unsaid. That’s the whole chorus!
As I recorded this episode, my eyes flicked onto the next page, and so I I’ve sung this one as well (shall we call it): ‘Are we in love’?
I find a similarity between the opening riffs of both songs. Then I discover this song somehow answers the feature song.
Ah the creative force. It’s a healing one, that’s for sure.
By the way, I’d like to suggest a new genre for music: ‘P.S.’ (petrol station). This relates to something that happened when I filled the car’s tank up recently.
I also talk about a gig I did back in 1986. Because this song took me right back in time.
Want to join me? Here we go….
Lyrics are on my blog: (plus seascapes. Cartoons and more).