In your Mind

Episode #114: In Your Mind   (Song starts at 4:19)

Hi there, In this episode, we are going back to 1987! We are looking at song #24 from my song books… 

As I walked into my studio to record this episode, a little voice suggested this song. I haven’t thought of ‘In Your Mind’ for years. I wasn’t sure about it. But when my fingers opened the song book straight to the correct page, I knew this was the one – and I thought: it’s all good fun, so why not? 

One of things that come through time and time again on this songwriting podcast is: ‘remain the player’. Just have fun and play- with a purpose. I think ‘just playing’ is a great way to engage the muse. 

Another thing that comes up is rewriting/editing. Keeping an open mind about how the song might be able to be improved. To do allow this to happen, you have to be free. 

I like to have a quick look at the song I’m about to play and sing (when I do this on an episode – sometimes I’ll use recorded demos, versions, etc.) This time I read it though. A couple of lines stood out because they really need to be rewritten. So I did. 

So by recording this episode, I’ve effectively edited a song to the point where I think it’s now closer to be ready to be recorded. It’s been sitting in the song book all these years, just waiting to be finished. 

As a songwriter, having songbooks like I do, it feels like I have some sort of treasure trove. A savings bank, a book of memories. It’s been time well spent, writing these songs. 

That’s how it feels to be a songwriter: to create so much music is such good way to spend some time. 

I have a busy life, I’m lucky to have a family, I’m an artist, I teach piano, I do this podcast, make videos, record and produce my albums (in different genres), I’m currently making video courses on painting, cartooning, piano playing, composing….. And ebooks. In short, I have a lot on. 

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2 things: I always make time for songwriting. Everything stops when I get the feeling a song is coming through. 

The other is:  yes, my life is a juggling exercise. – and truth be known, it probably always has been.

In this episode, I recount a tale that came to mind today about a fellow that asked me to do an illustration for an advertisement… It was pretty funny – he announced that he wanted to come over and see how it was going. When he heard what I was up to at the time (we had a new baby,  washing (clean) was everywhere in the lounge, drying (it was a rainy day), the dinner was being made… His reaction has stayed in my mind… I think he found it difficult to believe I could be creative in with everything I had happening in my life at that time. 

I guess that’s what I’ve managed to do over the years. Kept that sense of freedom in my life so that I can do these creative things when I feel the urge.. 

It’s been a creative life, that’s for sure. Here’s some relevant links – there’s plenty here, including the lyrics to this song:   videos on youtube:  Pete Pascoe Art and music    Website         13 albums here:

So what’s ’In Your Mind’ about ? Well, the lyrics delve into the idea that you can go within into that dream state within and … find answers. And it’s natural.  That would be it, in a nutshell. It’s been said we don’t realise the potential of our minds. 

Yes, I like to go deep in my thoughts. But I like to keep things light as well. I’ve always made a point of doing both in my life. The muse, spirit – whatever you want to call it – seems to like humour. 

Maybe humour just sort of keeps the slate keen in the moment, allowing the creative connection to take place… 

Anyway, these are the sort of thoughts I was having when I wrote ‘ in Your Mind’, all those years ago. It was fun to look into the song on this episode… To rework it to a degree too. 

I hope you enjoy the song and the chat. Here we go. Let’s have a look at ‘In Your Mind’…