Miles and Messages

Episode #121: Miles and Messages    (Song starts at 2:33)

Carrying on from the last episode, this song, #256, was written a short time after Fairy Tale.

While Fairy Tale (as it’s title suggests), is mostly an imagined scenario with a projected happy ending with a moral, Miles and Messages is where the songwriter (yours truly) came back to earth with a thump and faced up to the reality of what was really happening at the time.

Yes, this one shoots straight from the hip – the reality of the situation brought out some pain and with it, some clarity of thought – and what’s this situation? Well, at the time of writing this song, there was someone Paul and I knew that we thought would really add to our music, if she got onboard…

…and longer term, if it came to be one day, this was someone whom I had a soft spot for. But truth be known, I was beginning to realise this might not ever eventuate. This was what inspired the lyrics – and the words then inspired the music.

There’s a couple of readings from my diaries again, this time. I’m enjoying bringing this aspect into play. 

A couple of years ago, I visited Kuratau, New Zealand (where I wrote this song ) again. It was the place where I wrote the song on the previous episode (plus a bunch more) all those years ago. I described the beautiful outdoor scene in my diary I wrote about how it felt to be back there again. 

I also share a long forgotten poem which I found in my diary today, written back in 1993 (when this song was written). Again, it describes the scene ( the beautiful Kuratau river mouth leading into a majestic lake Taupo ) – and there’s some of how I was feeling at the time, woven in. 

Words are powerful things, when written honestly from the heart. You can say the same about music – and together they are a potent force. 

Have a listen and hear how Miles and Messages came together…from its inspiration to demo stage (also recorded in 1993, this arrangement is piano and vocal  – arranged for 3 voices, funnily enough). 

I’m really going to enjoy reworking the songs on this podcast. I’ll do some piano /vocal albums; some songs with Paul Dredge ( check out our new single, folks: You’re Going To Be Ok ( Do Do Do). The album will be out shortly) &  I think I’ll also end up recording some of these songs with  my Melbourne based band: the Patient Hum guys. 

So these episodes are about rediscovery – and it’s about sharing the art of songwriting. If you’re thinking about writing a song or a poem, I say: go for it! I write all the time. It’s given myself and others so much pleasure along the way.

A few things came to me, while listening back to Miles and Messages -and Fairy Tale – after all these years: people come and go in our lives. I think it pays to treat each other gently along the way. A hug can go a long way. Outcomes are outcomes  – they’ll be what they will. The journeys the thing – that’s where we do our learning. 

And maybe sometimes it’s a good idea to write things down, in a diary, or in song lyric.. Or in a letter. But as a line suggest in this song, sometimes the written lines in a letter can get tangled up and perhaps misconstrued…

Right – piqued your curiosity? Us creatives – we are full of emotion, aren’t we.

Ok hope you enjoy Miles and Messages. It was an emotional thing to write the song and it’s been an enjoyable experience reflecting on that time and talking about how the song came tougher musically. On with the show!