Patchwork of Promises

Episode #138: Patchwork Of Promises   (Song starts at  3:40)

Back in 1999, a black and white photo was sitting near my piano. There’s something about a black and white image – it seems to capture and convey emotion almost more than full colour.

Emotion is what I need to begin writing a song. It provides the impetus, the inclination to bother to pick up a pen. You just need to make a start and the rest generally follows.

I’m glad I did. The photo was of my girlfriend (now wife) and I, which was taken at a resort where I was playing as part of a trio (piano bass and drums).

The photo appeared to paint us as one..was this a formative moment in our new relationship?

That’s what I was thinking as I let my pen flow across the page, not editing, just letting it go. And where it came to was the line: ‘like a patchwork of promises to our soul’. And that became the title.

The music came next. I like to let my hands just wander instinctively on the keys of my piano and see what happens. I demonstrate this process on this episode, by using the lyrics to this song and composing new music – winging chords, bass line and melody.

I like going off on unexpected tangents on this podcast. It’s all improvised. I talk and play, as if I’m sitting on a stage, demonstrating the songwriting process by looking at a song I’ve written.

The patchwork of promises lyrics are about the new conversations, the letters written, the moment you find you’re involved with’re in a relationship.. it’s about looking at the whole falling in love process, recognising this is what has happened.

I think I’ll record piano vocal albums of the songs on this podcast- perhaps even use the demos I record ( like the version of ‘Patchwork Of Promises’ on this episode) as a starting point. That’d be fun.

Ok, sit back. Let me entertain you. My delivery is relaxed, inclusive…humour is a big part of the creative process and it’s a big part of my podcast episodes. I’m having so much fun recording and presenting these episodes.

Here we go..let’s see where ‘Patchwork Of Promises’ takes us this week.