Some Freedom

Episode #140:  Some Freedom    (Song starts at 5:38)

Welcome to a fairly zany sort of an episode. The song freedom came about when I showed my co songwriter Mr Paul Dredge with some lyrics, back in 1996. Paul had his guitar in hand. He looked at the words:

I’ve stepped into a normal space

I’m sniffing out the rat race

It ain’t so bad, I know I’ve had

Some freedom

Paul jumped straight into a really up sort of interesting/unusual guitar strumming pattern over 3 chords. So I leapt in there and just sang a melody that came to mind.

It’s like theatre sports, where one actor comes up with an idea, floats the beginning of a story. The key is, the other actor doesn’t block what the person has just said,…they go with and build on it, and so the sum of the parts becomes something more.

This is precisely what can happen when you have an instrument and some lyrics…and some freedom.

The freedom of spirit, I guess is what I’m talking about.

When we recorded the version you’ll hear on this episode, we sure had some freedom of spirit. 12 songs in 2 days was what we recorded it became the album ‘Lost In Time’, which is presently on my bandcamp site here…. It’ll be streaming on Spotify, etc soon. I’ll just master it – recently I remembered this hadn’t been done.

Our great friend Earl Pollard played the drums on the album. He kicks off proceeding with a cool drum fill. It’s a nice moment on the album really kicks things into gear.

The song ended up being a song for 2 voices… you hear the give and take, who leads the way… it’s so much fun to arrange the vocals this way. It happens quickly for Paul and I actually, we work quickly, full stop.

I believe we wrote this song in about 10 minutes.

You embrace the feeling and see where it takes you.

As usual I talk about where the lyrics came from… the gist of which is: we can find freedom – regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

It’s one of my ongoing themes, I’m finding out as I record these episodes. Wow amazing 140 episodes. Cool – I’d just like to celebrate this for a moment. Who knew it’s go on like this. I mean, that was my intention when I started out, but I didn’t really know how it’d go.

As it turns out, it’s going great. Recording the episode, writing the show notes, creating the episode artwork is something I really forward to each week.

Because it’s a very free process. There are no ones for these episodes. I just open my mouth and mind, and see where the songs takes me.

See where some lyrics took Paul and I this week. Enjoy some freedom!

Here we go…