Where Lovers Part

Episode #147: Where Lovers Part   (Song starts at 4:24)    

On the last episode (Sure Does Fly), I mentioned a riff reminded me of another song. As it turns out, that song, Where Lovers Part, Song #30, was written the same year (1987).

It came about when I felt the need to get some feelings out. It’s about the ending of a relationship, the emotional reactions needed an outlet.

You feel stuff. By putting it into a diary, you get things off the your shoulders and it clears the slate. Then by putting them into art, it can be a healing thing – for the writer and the listener.

Sometimes songs are almost a very straightforward account of actual events in the writer’s life. Some songs are pure fiction. A lot of songs are a mixture of the 2.

This allows the writer to get the emotion out, some facts are stated about what’s happened, then things can change: you get to play with words, it’s like being the director of a movie. The thing to keep firmly in mind is, it must read true.

I would say that’s #1, well actually, I think feeling is #1, then the story.

There’s nothing quite like a singer/songwriter getting it right. It doesn’t have to be over the top, in terms of emotions with the delivery. You can say so much by understating what’s going on. In fact, particularly in performance, if you give it 85%, it seems the audience will supply the other 15.

If you start out at 100%, it gives you nowhere to go, with a recording. So it pays to reel it in a bit at least to start with.

Having said that, this ballad does get bigger in the choruses. But not too big.

I was a lot younger when I wrote this song. I’m surprised now that I never released it (other than it appeared on a very small run of cassettes – an album featuring songs by Paul Dredge and myself. It was our 4th ‘4 tracked’ album, ‘Give You A Call’. We were very much finding our way with the production thing. Lots of fun and a valuable learning experience).

I read the lyrics as a poem this episode. I just had a feeling to do it.

I also compose music for a new song at the end of this episode. It was a complete surprise to me – it wasn’t planned at all. It’s an example of how the emotion of one song can quickly inspire another.

I hope you enjoy the song – and the chat. Thanks so much for following my podcast. For those of you that are new here, having a look, this is the songwriter talking about creativity, life, in the moment. It’s as honest as it gets – and it’s fun. Enjoy

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