Hope and Forgiveness

Episode #149: Hope and Forgiveness  (song starts at  8:44  &  28:28)

As I recorded this episode, I was feeling so energised. The creative flow was happening. I’ve just been away camping for 2 weeks. Being out in nature really does it for me. 2 weeks was a complete reset.

I take you to my campsite, sitting outside my tent as I talk about the Australian animals that we were surrounded by, the peace, the sound of the ocean.

Then, in contrast, I take you on the train in the city, where people’s faces had ‘barren fixed stares’ … because this is when I wrote the lyrics to ‘Hope and Forgiveness’.

I talk about the scenes and the people I was looking at as I was writing the lyrics & then we look at how the music came together.

This podcast is about creativity, in general. But it’s also turning out to be a podcast about living positively & enjoying life. That’s what I do.

I recorded piano solo album #5 the other night, (a version of ‘Hope and Forgiveness’ will be on it – just piano, no singing). I’m working on the sheet music too, so that will be available online later this year.

I also talk about one of my seascape paintings that sold last week,  and one I did on the spot while camping, while simultaneously whacking huge Australian horseflies that chose to chomp into my back and legs as I painted. Yep, you’ve got to be determined and focussed and passionate to be on the creative path – which I am

It’s one of the reasons I enjoy recording these episodes each week, sitting in my studio with my piano and chatting about what springs to mind. It gets me into performance mode – and that’s a big part of song writing mode.

There’s plenty on offer this week. Wallabies, tiger snakes, melody, humour… look out!

This week’s episode is a 2 for 1 deal: You’ll hear the audio from a YouTube video of me singing at the piano, (part of a Live From The Lounge online concert from during covid lockdowns: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnzXPzljm3s),

At the end you’ll hear the album cut: track 2 from the album ‘Walking Through A Dream’ – streaming now. (Featuring Mr Paul Dredge on guitars, bass and vocal harmony. This was our 4th album).

On Bandcamp you can see photos, lyrics, stream music and buy songs for yourself or send it as a gift… https://petepascoe.bandcamp.com/

Here’s my blog too www.petepascoe.wordpress.com (lyrics to the song here, art, links to much more online – which I hope you’ll enjoy as much as listening to this episode.

Here we go, ‘Hope and Forgiveness’…rolling!