All Comes back

Episode #175:  All Comes Back     (Song starts at 4:09)

Isn’t it great to receive an unexpected present. You know that feeling. That’s what it feels like to write a song. So for that to happen, it does feel like it comes from somewhere else. It’s a gift then, to pass on, a gift that you had a hand in bringing into being.

It sure feels like a joint effort.

This episode features yet another song I’d forgotten I’d written. For me, that’s one of the nice things about recording these episodes.

Recalling this song as I performed for the episode was so much like recalling a dream. I had a look at the intro, and the song started coming back to me.

I have my songs all written in books, sequentially. Just old fashioned scrawled handwriting and chords with the melody above each syllable in lower case. This is the 2nd draft. The initial draft is written on a piece of A4 paper.

The words and music came at the same time with ‘All Comes Back’ (song #625, written in 2015).  As I wrote the words down, although they came through my brain and hand, they definitively seemed to be not only from somewhere else, but it was like they’re from someone else.

So. What is this? Tuning into ‘all that is’? Perhaps. Focussing and becoming the person that you can be for a few minutes? Perhaps. Realising your potential? Maybe. Imagination? It seems more than that.

It’s definitely a mystery. And it’s a warm, reassuring mystery.

This song is about memories coming back, unbidden, recurring memories. Where are they all stashed? And why does one memory in particular come through at a certain time?

I like to think it’s the universe drawing your attention to something that’s going on in the moment. Perhaps with a repeated sort of cyclical pattern, something unconscious is triggering us to act out, yet again, the same way. Yet in that moment, if we can stop, tune in and reflect, we have a chance to rise above the situation, and choose a more evolved reaction to what is going on – and grow.

I think this sort of thing goes on all the time for all of us. Life offers us constant opportunities to grow.

This song is a peaceful reflection about all of that, how it feels for me. The singer is suggesting it’s all coming back. For all of us.

So perhaps it’s written and delivered in the hope that it might remind the listener to the possibility of that there’s ‘more’…

It’s a wonderful feeling writing a song like this. And it’s great to be able to feel that same sense of wonder and excitement when you rediscover it – as I have – on this podcast.

Thank you for listening to my episodes. An audience really lifts the performer. That’s no secret. For me, when I sit behind the mic, at the piano and push record, the energy just flows and the ideas come through. Just like writing a song.

At the end of this episode I draw attention to something really special that happened to me last week: a listener sent me a CD out of the blue, with an accompanying letter, saying that my podcast and blog had inspired this person to write songs with someone else, then take the step of recording them and making the CD. Brilliant.

If nothing else comes out of recording these episodes, that is more than enough reward. Thank you so much to that person for letting me know.

Happy unexpected surprises – that’d be the creative path. It’s been very interesting and  fun producing this his podcast & my blog, for 170 odd weeks now. I’m glad it’s giving pleasure to people.

Here we go. Let’s see where All Comes Back came from…and where it leads us to on this episode.

Another song and some more chat – enjoy!

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