Not Here At All

Episode #187: Not Here At All       (Song starts at 4:42 )

People ask me: “why do you do a podcast, Peter?” and I just say well I really, really enjoy it. Life is to be enjoyed.

Plus, I’m really enjoying rediscovering songs which I’ve written a while ago – like this episode’s song, ‘Not Here At All’. It was written in the year 2000.

It’s fun to sit behind my piano and entertain as I speak. I did it for a living for years. This has more of a songwriter speaks sort of angle. It’s fun and informative, is the idea.

So what inspired this song? You know when you’re talking to someone, having a nice conversation and you suddenly realise the person you’re talking to has drifted away? This happened to me. So, ignoring passing moment of frustration, I thought: ‘Aha, here’s a song lyric idea. So I made a mental note.

I think at times we are all perhaps guilty of formulating our answer, rather than just purely listening.

There’s an art to truly listening. In fact I  find that sort of focus is precisely what it takes to compose a song,

You’re listening – intently, but not like a rabbit on alert, it’s more like you’re listening to a conversation for interesting snippets that sound original,

I say listening, because even though I’m the one making all the noise on the piano and singing, you sort almost listen and you can almost hear the next bit just before you need it. It certainly is a fascinating process.

Getting back now, to ‘not really listening’, the lyrics move on and settle on the theme I wonder if one day we’ll hear the call ..sort of a mystical awakening, through listening and observing on a deeper level, I suppose. So from someone not listening , that brought me to: are we listening on a whole other level? We all have the potential to wake up, start living in the moment, be gentle with each other and get along.

I like to think we will. I bought a paper the other day. Talk about a grim document. Yes, it may be factual, but it was so imbalanced in its views and presentation. So much good stuff is going on in the world. It just doesn’t make the news.

So that’s why I create my own news. Like this broadcast: analysing the creative process by demonstrating and asking a series of questions, of myself, of the songs. I keep the humour close to the surface. For me I find that keeps the creative process moving on.

I obviously love writing song. I’m really enjoying sharing them in this manner. If you enjoy this week’s episode – and you’re new here – thanks for dropping by. There’s another 180 odd episodes waiting for you,

I do intend to repurpose some of the content at some point ( including finishing the piano/vocal versions of the unreleased ones in upcoming albums).  For now, I’m satisfied with the form it’s in. I’m receiving some great feedback, so it’s nice to be making connections like this.

Positive, entertaining creative communication is what I’m . And there’s plenty more on the way, including video courses for the piano playing, cartoon drawing, pairing seascapes + and lots more music on the way (5 ambles nearly finished in different genres)..

All we have is here and now. Life’s a series of moments. I want to look back on a series of excellent moments.

Each 30 minute podcast episode has been that for me. After all these episodes, it’s still a surprising and fun process for me.

Here we go…some new music, some chat and piano. Enjoy!

Here’s the blog (links to more music and art and writing).