One Thing We know

Episode #200 :  One Thing We Know. (Song starts at 4:26)

Welcome to episode #200! It’s such a great feeling, because I honestly wasn’t sure I’d get past episode #1. It’s become like a ‘Songwriter Speaks’ sort of an online gig for me – something I really look forward to each week.

Whether you’ve been here from the start with me, or a new arrival, or perhaps you pop in from time to time, regardless, thanks so much for tuning in. I hope you’re enjoying this podcast as much as I am.

I wrote this song back in 2009. I was at a school where I was a piano teacher, as a contractor. In between lessons, I found myself thinking about my own young family – and I was thinking about the school kids racing around outside at lunchtime.

The feeling came to me really strongly to write some words.

I can’t believe you’re growing so fast, eyes on the future , you’re free from the past

Loving your life is the thing you do best, doing what’s right and forgetting the rest

Those are the words I started out with.

I recorded a piano vocal version as part of this episode., which was fun. At the end I’ve included a produced version which appeared as track #4 on my self-recorded album The Man In Blue (2014).

As usual, on this episode, I let the song lead the way – and the little mistakes: sometimes just playing and having fun allows me to get near to the mystery that songwriting is. And a mystery it is – the creative force, whatever you want to call it, the muse…

As I compose, a gentle give and take sort a process seems to happen. I stay ‘on the breath’, certainly not over-thinking things, but my logical self is across all the theory. My hands are on the keys, and my voice floats above the chords on the piano. The feeling never ceases to amaze me.

To demonstrate this process, I end up improvising the beginning of a new piece on this episode.

One Thing We Know, song #552,  came together easily, once again.  It’s concise and is an easily understood song.

Of all the things I’ve talked about on this podcast, perhaps the main thing has been the idea of making the commitment to catch the little bits and pieces as they come through, writing it down in a note book and and away you g, .creating and composing. Personal freedom would be the key.

If I hadn’t made that commitment years ago I wouldn’t have 800 songs up my sleeve here in 2024.

Thanks so much for having read. I hope you enjoy the 200th show.

Here’s the blog which I mention The last 200 posts will give you an idea of not only what I’ve been up to these last 200 weeks, ( painting, drawing, composing, writing, etc), but it shows what I’ve been up to in my life on this artists path. It’s a joy.

Ok here we go.  One thing we know….episode#200 – Rollin’ !