Count On Love

Episode #203: Count On Love     (Song starts at 3:42)

Welcome to a very relaxed episode. Thanks for tuning in, by the way…it’s great that this podcast is being listened by people all around the world. Music is the international language isn’t, it – or perhaps it’s love?

Song #617, Count On Love, started out life as a piano solo piece. You can hear the original piece on my album ‘Peace’ (1 hour of peaceful piano solo pieces).

Somewhat bizarrely (and rather unromantically), it was one of 3 pieces I wrote back to back in about 30mins, to use to teach piano.

After a while, it felt like this one was perhaps worth taking a bit further and the phrase ‘count on love’ came to me as I started humming and sounding out syllables as I played through the piece. And all the lyrics came out as fast as I could write them down.

That was the way this song came together. The flow was happening the afternoon I sat at my old upright piano and let my hands find the opening riff and away I went – and it was the same when the lyrics eventually came through. Flow would be the word.

On a whim, I picked up an old diary before I recorded this episode. I flicked open on the page where I was mourning letting go of an old piano – the one I wrote ‘Count On Love’ on.

We songwriters are a sentimental bunch. I’d have a few pianos now, if I had the choice. But then, I’m glad I’ve passed them on. I hope someone else is still enjoying playing them today.

Also in the Diary, I’d written at the same time about we had to move house unexpectedly, so there was a sense of melancholy about my mood. ‘Count On Love’ was written about that time, so maybe that’s what was coming through.

(I relate some memories from that time on this episode…I need not have worried as it turns out… the house we moved into had a nice room for a studio – and we are still there after 7 pretty much peaceful years).

Which brings me to this: with the arts, I think it really helps to be living the lifestyle to produce art and music with feeling. I can’t help but have what I’m feeling coming through my work.

The gist of the lyrics is: whenever you’re feeling lost, you can always count on love. I was thinking of the cosmic sort of love that flows all a round and within us, the healing, creative force that whispers to us constantly, the voice that seems to suggests paths to take.

Perhaps by composing and consequently tuning in to this domain so much, this has the effect of honing the ‘muscle’. For want of a better word. There’s nothing like just doing it. Again and again

It’s not something I take for granted. Far from it. It’s a total mystery. It feels great to compose. Sometimes it just feels like you’re being carried along on a breeze.

This sort of mood seems to pervade this episode. I hope you enjoy this one as I gently explore this gentle song with words and with my fingers on the keys.

I particularly enjoy listening to my album ‘Peace’. It just seems to flow along the way ‘Count On Love’. It’s one of 4 piano solo albums I have currently streaming.

I always find some peace when I play piano.

It’s great to be sharing so much here on this podcast. If you’d like to read about more music, my art, here’s my weekly blog  Video courses coming up!

Ok here we go. Ready for another song and some chat? Rollin’!