Close To Me

Episode #62: Close To Me    (Song at 4.43)

It was a bit chilly in the studio tonight.. Winter seems to have arrived. Don’t you love the change in seasons? I took a walk today down the road. Where I live, I’m close to nature and for that, I’m very thankful. It’s great to get out and get a breath of fresh air.
Today’s song, Close To Me, talks about the beginning of a relationship. Then it talks about how naturally the two peoples lives combine like the currents of a river – and the currents (and the relationship) continue to grow….and then onto the statement that it feels like ‘this love will stay close to me’. I posted a video of me singing this song last week, on YouTube. This episode’s song is the audio from that video.  Pete Pascoe Art and Music is my YouTube channel with lots of songs on there now. And art…
This song, like most of my songs started with a feeling. Letting my hands fall on the keys and form chords is very much like how it feels to put some paint on a canvas and just play. It fascinates me how such a complicated process can happen so naturally and quickly. …that’s how I work. Then I perform the songs and edit them from time to time.
I suppose it takes faith to compose instinctively, like this. You need faith in your theory, your assuredness on the keys, and once you’ve got all that together, you’ve got to be pretty much free: Free in your thoughts, free to feel ok about making mistakes and then maybe coming up with nothing of note.
A certain sort of confidence, I guess you could call it professionalism – slowly starts to develop, over time – much like when you’re a gigging musician, you know you’re going to ( hopefully) reach a certain standard with what you’re presenting. So as a songwriter, I don’t expect a song of note to take form, it’s more you anticipate the magic to be there…because you’re feeling in the mood.
Yep, it’s a mood thing. Ahh the life of the fickle artist… The ups and the downs of the path….it is blog where you can read the lyrics each week – and look at some art…
Ok, got time for a chat? Grab a cuppa, and sit back  or perhaps turn on the ignition and start driving.
Here’s how this song came together…..

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