A Tincture of Time

Episode #63:  A Tincture of Time   (Song at 26.58)

(Song plays at 26.58 – you can scroll easily. Each episode is approx 30mins long).

Hi there and welcome! This episode, we have a have a different sort of a format: I’m looking closely at how this song came together, rather than what inspired it. On that note I can you tell exactly what inspired this song…

I’ve been receiving some very nice, ongoing, positive feedback regarding my Song and a Chat podcast, courtesy of Roger from Adelaide, Australia.

In an email, Roger used the phrase ‘A tincture of time’. I said that I thought it was a great line…and that I thought perhaps Roger might be a poet.

This week Roger sent me the sheet of lyrics based on this key phrase (thanks, Roger!)

So I thought: well Roger’s been great, reaching out and giving me this feedback, so I’m going to leap straight in and put some music to this (he’d asked me if perhaps I’d be interested in doing this), which I did. 

The demo of the song is presented in this week’s podcast. 

I also videoed myself during the entire song writing session – in between teaching piano students at a Primary school, where I teach as a contractor. So I have included some of the audio from that day and interspersed it with my usual commentary and observations.

Today’s song is about the idea of getting out into nature and letting a bit a of fresh air and a bit of time take care of all your worries….and how it all seems to work out…

Ok. Fancy a tincture of time, and hearing how the writing of this song unfolded? 

Here we go…

Read both Roger’s original lyrics and my amended lyrics on my blog post ‘Why Theory?’ (June 2021) @ www.petepascoe.wordpress.com

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