Memory Of The Day

Episode #64: Memory Of The Day   (Song starts at 7:28)

This episode’s song was fully inspired by some words that came to me out of thin air. Actually, it was like it was whispered to me somehow…in my mind.

That’s quite an admission to make publicly, but, as a creative, these things seem to happen. Maybe it comes through your DNA, something from your past or ancestors….or maybe there’s more.

I think there’s more to it – and as a matter of fact I’m pretty comfortable with that. I’m open to possibilities.

Anyway, The line that ‘came through’ was: ‘Imagine ears and eyes of ages drifting down through time’.

So that’s all it takes to make a start. It sort of asks some questions …and away you go. 

I released this song on an album (just a small run of home burned CDs) and I published a small book of the lyrics presented as poetry + some paintings, back when I had my first exhibition some years ago. 

I intend to re-record and re-release this album with an ebook of the poetry and the paintings that accompanied each song. There is also a small watercolour/pen working painting for each song too. It’ll be fun to bring all together. You can check out my blog – see this week’s post to see some of the art from that time. 

Anyway, back to those couple of sentences, they were just words until I came up with a piano riff early on in the songwriting process. You can hear that riff as I talk and play my piano again this week.

Want to get behind the scenes, see where a song comes from, find out more about the process? Come on and  join me for a relaxed chat – with humour and observations + some piano. lyrics + art here.



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