Secret Lullabies

Episode #78: Secret Lullabies    (Song at 3.36)

Hi there and welcome to another episode. For the next 30 minutes or so, I’ll be guided by my feelings as to what’s interesting to talk about about with this song. 

It’s the way I roll, here on this podcast – it’s a fun way to go about it. I end up in places I never guessed I would’ve, when I hit the record button at the start. 

This  week I’ve chosen to finally unveil the song I use to kick off each episode. The music at the start of each episode is the intro of this week’s song, Secret Lullabies. 

This song  asks some big questions, lyrically. I’m not sure whether it has any answers other than to delivering a soothing ‘lullaby’. 

Old memories are brought to mind by old songs. The cat I had at the time came purring into my mind. It’s funny – I have 2 very mischievous black and white cats in my life now, one of whom is very like the cat I had all those years ago. 

Maybe there’s a sense of things coming to some point of arrival, like some sort of platform of sorts. I’m not sure why I would say that, other than its just a feeling that struck me. The creative flow is a mysterious thing.

Being a songwriter can be like creating a bunch of documents that catch a moment in time. More accurately, they catch feelings from the time. These are the sorts of songs I write. 

It’s such an enjoyable thing to be doing. 

One of the big questions the song asks is: ‘How many friends last the distance?’

A friend who I’ve been lucky to have in my life for a long time is Paul Dredge, my old co-songwriting  mate. Paul featured in last week’s podcast. He popped up again, a bit unexpectedly, when I hit play on the old demo this week. It somehow seemed poetic (wow, auto correct leapt ahead with the word destined, there. Hmm, no doubt).

The realm of dreams often comes up, with songwriting. That seems to be where the creative realm is somehow ‘reachable’ – the subconscious, the collective consciousness… 

Being a songwriter means you’re going to experience a series of constant surprises.Being a creative person and being fully committed on this path is incredibly rewarding. 

As I describe aspects of this wonderfully complicated, simple, mystical art each week, I’m constantly surprised by what comes into my mind and out of my mouth. 

I find recording these podcasts an entertaining and peaceful process. There’s lots of fun to be had here. 

Ok on that note, sit back, relax and let me entertain you…. Here we go again! 

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