Episode #100: Stop     (Song stars at 7:19)

Hi there and …( cue fanfare) welcome to episode #100!

Thank you for coming along with me on this journey. If it’s your first time here, you can just leap straight in – the episodes are not sequential. Although if you were to listen back, you’d see that there’s been a series of changes as I’ve gone along. It’s all happened naturally. In I think they are the best kind of changes to make.

I think it’s necessary to stop and reflect in order to make the best changes we can.

This episode’s song, Stop is about exactly that.

Written in 2015, song #632 appeared on the album The Roughest Cut (streaming now) by Pete Pascoe and The Patient Hum. I include a piano vocal version on this episode.

To make positive changes in our life I think we really need to stop for a moment, take stock of where we are at. Maybe look back, consider what we’ve been up to.

Do we need to change tack? Maybe take the untrodden track… Y gotta be brave sometimes to change. So folks around you won’t like it. 

By the way, Paul Dredge (my co-songwriter for a lot of songs) and I have finished the mix of a new folk rock album. We are thinking of calling it The Untrodden Track….)

I think we are here to ‘go’ and grow, then ‘stop’  and consider – then go and some more. 

I also think if we do the same old schedule each week (as we are constantly encouraged to do), pretty soon our free life can start to feel like a self imposed jail term.

Freedom. It’s turning out to be what my podcast, my blog posts are about, more and more. 

As I’ve talked and written online over this last 100 weeks, it’s become apparent to me that my songs and art are focussed on: freedom.

Hope you enjoy this episode. Here are the links (as mentioned in the show).

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