Thin Air

Episode #101:  Thin Air     (Song starts at 4.18)

Welcome to a bit of chat and some music. As usual I’m sitting at the piano, hands on the keys, at the ready to accompany myself as I talk about whatever comes to mind.

I imagine it’s a bit like playing piano along to a silent movie like they used to… or perhaps like adding music to a movie. It’s really good fun. Fun seems to be a big key to unlocking the creative process.

I think it does us all good to listen to new music or maybe go to a gallery and let other people’s creative works just flow over you.

Likewise, I think getting out & just having a chat with people we meet along the way is really important.

The lyrics to ‘Thin Air’ were written in 2007 and the music a year later. It’s interesting how art and music can be relevant or even strike more of a chord ( ha) – resonate more strongly, if you will –  years after the works were initially conceived of.

I guess maybe it’s because universal truth doesn’t have a use by date. So as songwriters, if we write songs that are true to ourselves , that’ll then mean hopefully that sense of truth will come through and convince the listener to come along for the ride and see where the song takes them. 

Like this podcast – each week I just start talking and ideas start to flow and soon a theme becomes apparent and away we go. It’s a fascinating process for me to go through as I analyse my song writing process. 

In dry words (like ‘analyse’), it sounds dreadfully boring, doesn’t it? Fear not, this is a very relaxed, inclusive podcast. Picture yourself sitting back in an intimate audience having a listen to a bloke talk and play the piano.  

OK, what’s the song about? Why is it relevant now?  In the lyrics, I’ve written about how disconnected and fearful we can be. That rings true for right now, as we are starting to emerge from lockdowns. Work is starting to come back, it’s understandable we are anxious as we adjust, yet again, to our new set of circumstances. 

Speaking of opening up, gigs are coming back …I’ve got some gigs booked in! Whoo! If you live in Melbourne and want to come along, that’d be great. Email me at . Or join my email list – I’d love that. 

Ok, on with the show. For the last 101 weeks, each episode has been a performance for me and I’m continuing to love recording them.

Here we go. Rollin’