Lead The Way

Episode #102:   Lead The Way     (Song starts at 3:40)

This week’s featured song, Lead The Way, is song #693. There wasn’t a day where I decided I was going to write so many songs. I just committed to composing because I love it.
There’s a line in the song that sort of sums it up: ‘Like a story that’s been written by an artists loving hand’.
While the song comes through me, it comes from somewhere else – and this ‘somewhere else’ has energy and intention. That’s the way it feels. I just get the message across to the best of my ability and try and stay out of the way of what’s coming through. It’s a fascinating process.
When you are on the creative path, as I am, it’s such a commitment to doing it ‘properly’ as it were (freely), it’s almost really hard to think negative thoughts.
Perhaps that’s why the creative way is so healing for all involved – the composer, the performer and the listener.

This song came from a simple bluesy riff which I played with my right hand. I thought I was going to play some blues. But my left hand went to an unexpected bass note and that took things in another direction.
An image came to me of a couple lying in a bed, in the night. One has woken to sound of the other talking in their sleep …and that was enough to get me started.
The words, melody and the rest of the chords all just came together.
It flowed in a free and easy manner. Much like a river. …
I like to go out into nature, near water, to restore a sense of peace within. It’s then that new thoughts come to me. They can be brand new ideas about what to do next, they can talk about letting go, moving on into a new chapter.
I take those feelings home, let my hands fall on the keys and songs happen. It’s a joy.
I think the creative process is pretty much all about being free enough to let change happen…in a positive manner.
It’s another piano vocal version of the song on this episode. I’m enjoying presenting the song by recording it mid way through the episode, as opposed to playing an old recording as I have done on a lot of previous episodes 9again, I’m open to change – and this Podcast is definitely fun, free and it’s evolving each week..
Lead The Way will appear an upcoming solo album. All the songs have been recorded. I just need to make the time to do a final mix. Really looking forward . It’s a very mellow album. I’ve enjoyed playing on the headphones at night before I go to sleep
Ok join me again – or if it’s your first time here, welcome. I hope you enjoy this mellow episode of chat and music.
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