Someone To Lean On

Episode #123: Someone To Lean On   (Song starts at 3:02 )

Hi there. Welcome to the podcast where the plan is : you’ll get to understand how it feels to be in the shoes of a songwriter. So how does it feel?

It feels completely free to let your hands wander on the keys (if you play piano, like me). It’s like the ignition is there waiting for you.

And… it’s like the sense of excitement you had when you were a child and you have some presents to open.

When you’re have some lyrics ready, it’s a great fun to think about adding the music – the anticipation.

Someone to lean on, song #143, was written in 1989. Maybe it’s time to give it some air again …Maybe I’ll run it by the band (my Melbourne band – Pete Pascoe and the Patient hum)

This song is about the importance of having friends around. Sometimes it’s better to ask for help, rather than trying to do it all yourself.  Which brings to mind..I think we are here to have fun and sure, I think we are here to learn stuff.

There’s nothing like having some friends around to have fun with. Friends are great for offering some reflection, too.

That’s the sort of thinking that inspired ‘Someone To Lean On’. I was alone at home on the piano (with just my flatmate’s tabby kitten to keep me company – and she made it into the lyrics)..  the songs weren’t flowing this particular month.. but I kept at it and I kept having fun.

It’s a good idea just to keep writing. There’s a line in the song ‘when the blank walls cease to reflect your great ideas and inspiration’. Just keep on moving.

Sure, have a break, get out in nature perhaps, and come back refreshed.

If you just make a start with your pen, some interesting and unexpected words will start to appear. You’ll tune in to something. Perhaps your own voice. Perhaps something else comes through.

Same on an instrument. We all have our style, I own processes. It’s fine – embrace your songs, your style, but I think a key thing is :

To be free. Just enjoy the process, have fun as you do it. Have fun in life.

Then you’ll be inspired  and have energy when your you do your art.

Ok ‘Someone To Lean On’, here we go.