Episode #124:  Innocent    (Song starts at 4:17 & 28:14)

Where did Innocent, song #465, come from? It came from a dream. 

The finished lyrics were pretty much what I wrote down as I recalled a dream which I had, just before I woke up. I recommend trying this…often what comes though is more than you bargained for. Sometimes you end up remembering more than you thought would about the dream.

I’ve had fully formed songs come to me in dreams – music and lyrics. 

In this case though, after casting my mind back to the dream, the images and feeling remained with me (no music).

So. Feeling: that’s the key. In my book, a song must start with feeling. At least that’s the way I roll.

Sometimes faces, entities, if you like, come to me in my dreams. It feels like a real connection, a ‘step on’ from just a regular dream. I find it all fascinating. Music is a great place to put this sort of thing for me.

The music came to me very quickly – at least I thought I’d finished writing it at the time. 

But I’m very open to writing and rewriting my songs, open to editing & seeing where feelings take me further down the track.

On this episode, there are 2 versions of Innocent. The first is a piano/vocal a version I sang during the recording of this episode.

The second version at the end, is the track which my Melbourne band, Pete Pascoe and the Patient Hum, recorded for the album ‘This World Offers You’ (which you can hear at 

The band (Ants Reed, Neil Sims and Dan Dew and I) convened last night for a band practice… It was really great. You can hear it in my voice on this episode… Perhaps it was a little bit too good..anyhow..

The music and lyrics of ‘Innocent’ evolved along the way. I play keyboard bass in the band (as well as piano) and that puts me in a position where I can really drive things along and change the music by changing bass notes. 

It’s like letting the paint lead the way when I’m painting a picture (by the way, I visited my seascape exhibition tonight with my family, you can check out some paintings on recent posts on my blog

Eventually I’ll have seascape painting, cartoon drawing, songwriting & piano instruction video courses available online. 

Where will you hear about this?  Insta, my blog, here, youtube, etc. You can sign up to my email list – I’d love that. Email me at You won’t miss a thing that way.

A new album will be dropping very soon – folk rock, with Paul Dredge (NZ), whom I mention a lot on this podcast.  We wrote and recorded the album in two countries (I’m in Melbourne, Australia)  

That’s determination for you…in fact, that’s another key factor in songwriting: I think you’ve got to be committed and let nothing get in the way of the inspiration when it comes through. 

It’s lead to around 800 songs for me. 

There’s also a new video up for the first single from the upcoming album (Paul and I) The video includes the lyrics and stick figure cartoons I keep coming up with …there’s about 1000 of these around too.. 

You can view the video here:  YouTube Pete Pascoe Art and Music. You’re Going To Be OK (Do Do Do).

Yes, I’m busy &  yes, I’m committed. I’m loving every minute of this creative path & I’m particularly enjoying recording these podcast episodes.

Join me now for another one.. Here we go…Innocent –  let’s see where the song takes us..